Avaya Conversational Intelligence

This next-generation, end-to-end, AI solution automatically transcribes voice interactions into actionable outcomes so contact centers can transform the customer experience they deliver to create customer and brand loyalty.

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In a contact center, every conversation is an opportunity. Customers telling you their needs and preferences, likes and dislikes. Agents doing their best to respond, anticipate, resolve. These conversations hold a vast amount of information. What if you were able to capture them, mine them, identifying clues and insights you can use to deepen customer engagement?

And, what if you could do that with every call that comes in to your business? And do it when it really matters, while the customer is on the line. Now you can with Avaya Conversational Intelligence. It instantly captures and analyzes conversations, transcribing spoken words, but also reading between the lines, highlighting customer and agent sentiment as the conversation unfolds.

And when it identifies something important, instantly initiating action. Making an up sell suggestion, flagging a compliance requirement, launching a process, actions that contribute to an enhanced customer experience. Traditional speech analytics captures and transcribes conversations for analysis, after the fact. Avaya Conversational Intelligence captures words and meanings, and launches actions in the moment, within seconds, and with industry-leading word recognition rates.

Because it captures every call, it maps what's trending across your conversations as they happen. And when a conversation is complete, it sends a summary directly to your CRN system. It reduces agent aftercall work by as much as 50% and creates a vast new trove of customer intelligence that can be used by your teams in marketing, operations, new product development, and more to build a better business.

Because Avaya Conversational Intelligence is cloud based, it works with your existing infrastructure, no changes needed. It's scalable, start small, grow as your business dictates. And it's open APIs mean you can easily connect to other applications and AI capabilities. For example, the Cogito platform leverages contextual data via the API to enhance its Agent Assist application.

The next step in transforming customer experiences starts with unlocking the power of customer conversations. Conversational Intelligence available today from Avaya.