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June 30, 2023

Innovate Your Way with Avaya Enterprise Cloud

Innovate with Avaya Enterprise Cloud: Hybrid Communications Solution for Large Organizations

Diane Otto

Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Solutions

Digital transformation has become a necessity, and companies are continuously looking for ways to remain competitive. Cloud technology has revolutionized business operations by offering scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. Moving to the cloud can be challenging, especially for large businesses that need to ensure their operations are not disrupted.

At Avaya, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses during digital transformation, and the requirement that solutions must offer a pathway that maximizes ROI and drives innovation with minimal disruptions. 

Avaya Enterprise Cloud is that solution, offering a seamless hybrid cloud experience that combines the best of on-premises and cloud solutions without interruptions to your operations. An extensive set of unified communications (UC) capabilities for the modern way of work and comprehensive contact center (CC) capabilities make Avaya Enterprise Cloud an ideal choice for high-capacity large enterprise organizations and government entities that require extensive reach, dispersed workforce, complex environments, and dedicated contact center personnel.

Your Cloud, On Your Terms

Avaya Enterprise Cloud is a fully managed solution running as a dedicated software instance hosted in globally available, highly reliable Microsoft Azure data centers. This approach frees up your staff to focus on strategic initiatives, allowing you to utilize your workforces time and talent to the fullest. The system is easy to use and manage, eliminating the need for extensive retraining. Avaya Enterprise Cloud provides an adaptive path to your cloud with personalized phased migration options tailored to your needs. You can repurpose your existing SIP-enabled devices and endpoints, avoid costly replacements, and unlock new ways to engage with your customers.

Your Large Workforce, Connected Effortlessly

As businesses navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of modern communications, unified communications (UC) remain a critical component for success. At the forefront of this revolution is Avaya Enterprise Cloud that provides businesses with reliable, secure, and flexible communication tools to empower teams to work together seamlessly, from any location. Avaya Enterprise Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of UC capabilities, including cloud-based telephony and call control, voicemail and instant messaging, team engagement and conferencing, mobility, and work from anywhere, Microsoft Teams integration, and emergency calling. With Avaya Enterprise Cloud, businesses can stay connected and productive, no matter where their team members are located.

Your High-Volume Contact Center, Delivered Seamlessly

Avaya Enterprise Cloud offers powerful contact center (CC) capabilities that can help businesses manage high volumes of customer interactions while ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. From intelligent skills-based routing to real-time reporting and integrated call recording, Avaya Enterprise Cloud has everything a business needs to deliver top-notch customer service.

Avaya Enterprise Cloud contact center capabilities can leverage advanced conversational AI to analyze customer interactions and gain insights into customer sentiment and behavior. By doing so, businesses can continuously improve the customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

Keep What Works, Add What’s Needed

With Avaya Enterprise Cloud you can reduce waste, keep what you love, and not replace what works. With this solution, you can embrace the cloud as a journey rather than just one destination, repurpose,  retain, and protect your existing investments.  By extension, this betters  the return on investments you have already made.. This approach ensures you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud without incurring additional costs.

The solution eliminates the need for costly platform replacements, reduces staff retraining costs, and offers reduced upfront costs. Avaya brings innovation that is least invasive because it's additive, ensuring a smooth transition to your cloud. Our hybrid cloud architecture acts as a bridge between your existing premises and the cloud, offering a dedicated single instance on a shared infrastructure. With a wide range of integrations and an extensive ecosystem of partners, you can achieve interoperability and growth through APIs, driving your business forward.

Innovation is an Evolution

Innovation is a core tenet of Avaya Enterprise Cloud, and businesses that adopt this platform can be confident that they are investing in a solution that will keep them ahead of the curve. With scalability, security, and flexibility, Avaya Enterprise Cloud is designed to meet the needs of large-scale operations and extensive reach. The solution offers personalization choices, ensuring that businesses can tailor their UC and CC capabilities to their unique needs, security requirements, and regulatory mandates. And with hybrid options, businesses can evolve on their cloud journey on their terms, without disruption.  When high performance calls for large scale and targeted integration, when unique requirements converge with security and compliance mandates, Avaya Enterprise Cloud is the perfect choice.

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