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August 30, 2022

Avaya Cloud Office: How Our Partnership Helps Customers Move to the Cloud

This blog post was written by Hartie Chang, RingCentral Marketing Manager focused on Avaya Cloud Office.

Migrating from to the cloud isn’t an easy decision to make. Businesses of all sizes have to consider factors such as infrastructure, security, compatibility, and downtime before taking the big leap.

Addressing these key factors can cost significant time and money—plus the possibility of being locked into long-term vendor contracts. In other words, it’s no surprise that many companies are reluctant to make the switch.

In March 2020, Avaya and RingCentral announced a major partnership to help migrate customers to the cloud: Avaya Cloud Office.

Avaya Cloud Office is an all-in-one cloud communications solution with phone, video meetings, messaging, SMS (US and Canada), fax, and real-time analytics. This joint solution combines the best of both Avaya and RingCentral and provides a seamless migration path to the cloud.

So why should Avaya customers consider moving to Avaya Cloud Office? Let’s look at some of the ways Avaya Cloud Office meets the needs of today’s workers.

What is Avaya Cloud Office?

Avaya Cloud Office is the result of a groundbreaking partnership between Avaya and RingCentral. Combining Avaya and RingCentral technology to create a leading UCaaS solution, it’s a complete enterprise-grade communications platform offering everything companies need to support collaboration in a single app.

Voice, video, messaging, SMS (US and Canada), fax, and hundreds of integrations and even custom APIs to get more done in the app. Avaya users can also continue handling their calls from Avaya J-Series phones just as they’ve always have.

Why Avaya Customers Choose Avaya Cloud Office

Re-envisioning work for a hybrid era is all about striking a new balance. For companies that have spent years investing in their communications system, this balance includes leveraging those infrastructure investments with tools that offer the mobility and flexibility their workers need now. That’s where Avaya Cloud Office comes in.

Here are several key ways Avaya Cloud Office is built for businesses today:

1. New upgraded functionality

Workers need mobility, but not just on a mobile phone. Mobility means implementing cloud solutions so workers can communicate and collaborate from anywhere, both securely and with the cutting-edge features that make doing so easy.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Single number across all end points

Desk phone, desktop app, mobile app, web app. The same business number that customers dial can be reached on any device—regardless of where workers are physically located. This number can also be used to send and receive electronic faxes.

  • Putting “Professional” back into business communications

Set up professional phone greetings with voice recordings, call waiting, auto-attendants, advanced call transfer logic, and more.

A dedicated business number accessible via a mobile application also means no longer having to carry two mobile phones or give away personal numbers.

  • Communicate more efficiently

On the go? Easily flip your ongoing call between deskphone to app (mobile or desktop), or switch between your desktop app and mobile app.

More explanation needed or a face-to-face conversation? Just click or tap a button to escalate a voice call to video and screen share.

Video meetings and video calls can also seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile, with scheduled calendar video meetings directly integrated into the Avaya Cloud Office app.

  • And more

Avaya Cloud Office packs in a treasure trove of added value features and functionality that make work easier:

  • Voicemail to email attachments and notifications
  • Direct voicemail to text transcription
  • Analytics to understand usage and business communication workflows
  • Popular business integrations like Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot and more

An all-in-one, work from anywhere, highly-customizable communications platform is how Avaya and RingCentral are taking customers to the cloud.

2. Seamless migration

Avaya Cloud Office doesn’t make existing investments redundant. Rather, it’s compatible with the devices Avaya customers already know and love.

It also offers some of the most popular features from Avaya Communication Manager, IP Office, and CS1000 platform. Allowing users to continue leveraging their existing Avaya J Series devices, add new discounted Avaya J Series phones, or lease new devices with Avaya DaaS.

No new unfamiliar equipment and no special training needed. In fact, using the same Avaya phones, Avaya Cloud Office provides customers enterprise-grade tools that function in the same way they’ve always used them. These include:

  • Visual Voicemail

Navigating to voice messages on their desk phone screen, users can save time by viewing transcripts or when unable to listen to messages out loud, and then take action such as deleting or forwarding a message, or calling back, using the desk phone buttons.

  • Bridged call appearance / Delegated lines

Users can leverage a primary number from multiple phones. Particularly useful for managers and their admins or assistants, this feature enables delegates to make a call on behalf of a phone number owner, pick up and hold calls, share a line, and more.

  • Call park and page

Enables the ability to page members of a defined group and add an “Answer” soft key so that any member of the group can answer—all with the press of a button.

  • Customizable keys

Avaya J-series device phone key layouts are configurable and customizable according to user preferences. Users can change keys such as Presence (BLF), Feature Keys, Speed Dials, Primary Lines, and more, all from within the Avaya Cloud Office administrative portal.

3. Avaya’s award-winning, high-touch service

Avaya Cloud Office customers have ongoing access to Avaya’s global support and service —before, during, and after migration. This includes options for companies to handle implementation in-house, reach out for assistance, or tap into Avaya Professional Services to fully manage more complex communication deployments, end-to-end.

Avaya Professional Services are not only trained to facilitate the migration of customer systems to Avaya Cloud Office, but also leverage advanced migration tools to quickly migrate existing Avaya platform directories and settings to Avaya Cloud Office—and make sure nothing gets missed along the way.

Avaya is also dedicated to customer success beginning from onboarding to well into the customer life cycle.

All accounts have access to the customer success program, while large and more complex deployments receive a dedicated customer success manager, who often acts as the single point of contact to coordinate the multiple Avaya implementation and porting teams to smoothly transition an organization to the cloud. 

Post-launch, regular check-ins by customer success managers also keep IT admins and businesses up-to-date on the newest Avaya Cloud Office product features rolling out to meet present-day business challenges.

4. Trusted relationships and shared history

Thousands of businesses put their trust in Avaya to supply best-of-breed communication hardware that never fails. The Avaya promise extends to Avaya Cloud Office too, built on RingCentral’s network to provide 99.999% uptime reliability in the cloud.

Avaya customers also know they can count on Avaya and their channel partner to help them navigate their specific and unique needs and requirements. From planning, to launch, to support and troubleshooting, to the addition of innovative new features and integrations to meet changing needs, Avaya has always been hand-in-hand with customers throughout their journey.

Ready For Your Company’s Next Step?

Cloud adoption is accelerating in companies around the world—fueled by a growing workforce that collaborates from anywhere and everywhere.

But while there’s no doubt cloud is the future, working towards this new era poses both immediate and ongoing challenges to the IT pros tasked with supporting enterprise workforces.

Scaling up, scaling down, deploying new features—there’s a lot to keep up with. With Avaya Cloud Office, businesses can get all the features and support they need to evolve their systems for a new era—and to be ready for whatever comes next.

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