Create Effortless Experiences with Avaya OneCloud

You’re competing for every customer’s time and attention—and you’re working to attract and keep happy employees. So, how can you do it all?


Service the customer who wants it all

Let customers self-select, self-serve, and self-compose experiences based on moment-to-moment preferences.

Support new ways of working

Deliver always-on, continuous collaboration for work-from-anywhere employees, across every channel and device.

Provide one connected, total experience

Bring everyone together in a consistent, seamless journey across all touchpoints—from any location, app or device.

Bring customers into your business

Adapt to changing needs by making customers part of your workflows and empowering them to co-create solutions.

Enable innovation on demand

Gain the agility to innovate and execute on the fly, in response to evolving customer demands.

Connect every experience holistically

Bring together every touchpoint, process, and resource, while infusing knowledge and insights throughout.


Every single interaction matters more than ever. With Avaya OneCloud, you can compose the unique experiences you need, in the moment.

Create, extend, or customize a solution

Compose the experiences you need by extending what you already have, using something out-of-the-box, or creating a new solution.

Achieve powerful workstream collaboration

Bridge disparate functions, break down silos between employee and customer workstreams, and enable collaboration across teams.

Connect with industry-leading cloud technology

Tap into a unique architecture that delivers cloud as a set of on-demand apps, with partners leveraging AI in new ways.

Use what you have—add what you need

Accelerate innovation without having to start from scratch by building cloud capabilities onto your existing technology stack.

Gain experience building know-how

Leverage the expertise of Avaya’s service teams and partners to co-create your unique solution and deliver experiences that matter.