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Use AI to create deeper connections

Give agents and customers a quicker path to common ground with AI-powered capabilities on Avaya Experience Platform Public Cloud (formerly Avaya Experience Platform.)

Taking the ‘mis’ out of communication.

With AI noise removal and in-the-moment customer data, agents know they are getting the full story—every time, no matter what.

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Hear everything you need—and nothing you don’t

Keep lines of communication crystal clear, no matter where conversations are happening. Eliminate unwanted background sounds for customers and agents with AI Noise Removal.

  • Make it accurate: Give agents and supervisors clear, crisp call recordings that lead to accurate transcripts every time.
  • Keep it professional: Give customers crystal clear sound quality—no matter where agents choose to work.
  • Reduce call wait times: Clear communication without distractions means customers’ needs are met faster.
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Eliminate guesswork with AI-powered guidance

See how each call is going with built-in monitoring to assess customer sentiment and ensure agents succeed on every interaction—all from a single desktop view.

  • Put a coach on every call: Help agents help customers with live monitoring, keyword spotting, sentiment analysis, and more.
  • Tag in at the right moment: See how every call is going in real time and pop in to assist when needed.
  • See the pulse of your business: Use AI-powered word clouds to understand hot topics, key trends, customer sentiment, and more.

Clear crisp conversation—no matter what.

Let our ACES expert staff help.

The Avaya Customer Experience Services team uses a meticulous process of analysis, design, and implementation to create customer experiences—including AI solutions—that align perfectly with your business needs.

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Modernize without disruption

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