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Innovative capabilities at your fingertips

Add best-in-cloud technologies from Avaya Experience Platform Public Cloud (formerly Avaya Experience Platform) onto your AXP On-Prem (formerly Avaya Call Center Elite).

Connect with customers across all touchpoints.

Add digital channels to your AXP On-Prem so customers can contact you however they choose without disrupting your existing operations.

  • Freedom of choice for your customers by enabling them to contact you using email, chat, messaging, social media, and more.
  • Remove disjointed third-party digital experiences, creating seamless experiences for customers and agents.
  • Add digital capabilities and quickly scale up and down as needed to meet customer demands.
  • Pay-as-you-use financial models keep budgets in check.
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African American male call center agent

Extend the reach of your AXP On-Prem

Add voice agents from the Avaya cloud.

  • Support new lines of business, launch a new campaign, expand geographic reach, and take advantage of seasonal fluctuations.
  • Overflow your existing AXP - On-Prem to your Avaya cloud agents; enhance interaction handling with contextual attributes and rich information.
  • Expect the unexpected and plan for the unplanned by enabling work from anywhere.
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Native AI noise removal: Hear everything you need—and nothing you don’t

Keep lines of communication crystal clear, no matter where conversations are happening. Eliminate unwanted agent background noises and disruptions.

  • Enhance health and well-being.
  • Give customers crystal clear sound quality—no matter where agents choose to work.
  • Give agents and supervisors clear, crisp call recordings that lead to accurate transcripts every time.
  • Improve KPIs as fewer distractions means customers’ needs are met faster.
Eliminate distractions with AI noise removal

Give agents an intuitive, consolidated desktop.

  • Equip your agents with a unified WebRTC desktop powered with native AI noise removal.
  • Intelligent desktop delivers relevant information from multiple sources, including CRM systems and third-party apps for all interactions;, less stress to scamper about for information.
  • Intuitive UI leads to more productive employees, reducing call handling time.
  • Serve multiple digital customer interactions simultaneously, improving contact KPIs.
  • 360-degree view gives agents insights into prior voice, digital cloud, and on-premises interactions.
  • Widget architecture allows you to design the best layout for your agents and their experience.
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Your agents can be here, there, everywhere

  • WebRTC desktop enables easier to recruit and hire talent from any location.
  • Same UI and experience for local and remote workers expands labor pool.
  • Faster onboarding and reduced training time improves retention with less stress on IT.
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Stay on prem and use the power of the cloud

  • No need to rip and replace your current system.
  • Shift IT talent where needed to achieve business objectives.
  • Worry-free upgrades, support, and administration enable quicker response to changing business needs.
  • Innovate as new features and upgrades become available, with zero downtime.

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