Avaya Cloud Office Demo: User Interface

Let us show you how easy it is to navigate the Avaya Cloud Office user interface.

>> Navigating the Avaya Cloud Office interface is easy. Start with the main icons on the left side and along the top, you'll be using these all the time. Click the "Message icon" to quickly scan your messages. They're all organized for you, your one-to-one direct messages and all your team messages are here. Up here, Avaya Cloud Office also highlights messages where someone has @ mentioned you to get your attention, messages you've bookmarked for follow-up, messages with your favorites. When you click the "Video icon", you'll see your schedule of meetings and options for launching, scheduling, or recording a meeting. When you click the "Phone icon", you'll see all your calls. Again, they're all organized for you, along with your voicemails, faxes, and texts. Your contacts are here, including your company directory and all your teams and the File drawer icon gets you to all your tasks, events, files, and notes. When you need quick access to the Dial pad, it's always here at the top right, right next to it is the plus sign for quickly sending a message, creating a team, starting a meeting and other actions. Finally, the icons at the lower left are also important. System administrators will use the first one to get to information about the performance of your Avaya Cloud Office solution and to do troubleshooting. This one leads you to third-party apps you can use and the Gear icon is where you can adjust the settings to customize your experience with Avaya Cloud Office.