Consultants Relation Program

Resource for Consultants
The Resource for Consultants
The Avaya Consultant Relations Program is an invaluable  resource to the independent consulting community. The program provides the highest level of expertise to your clients – local, regional and global -  in meeting the challenging needs of today's competitive and increasingly mobile environment.
As a member of the  Avaya Consultant Relations Program, you will experience a measurable difference. Avaya’s portfolio delivers applications and services to businesses of all sizes, that help them compete in the global marketplace.
The Avaya Consultant Relations Program informs, educates and supports you in the key Avaya leadership areas of ;
            Unified Communications,
            Contact Centers,
            Cloud Services,
            Mid-Market Solutions,
            Conferencing Solutions,
            Avaya Messaging Service,
            Membership offers you an information source of:
  • Monthly Consultant Webinars – Experts share the latest solutions, and what lies ahead, with interactive Q&A from you and your peers!
  • A Consultant Portal with technical products and solutions information, Product Briefs, RFP support, Customer Case Studies, White Papers and Educational Webinar Series Replays.
  • Dedicated Consultant Liaison  - a single Point of Contact to help you get the right resource in the right place at the right time! Get access to Product Managers, Business Unit leaders, Executives and vertical industry specialists, etc.
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"The Avaya Consultant Relations Program has consistently been rated one of the most effective programs in the telecommunications industry over the past 3-4 years, based on The Brookside Group's annual consultant market study. Consultants have rated all facets of the Avaya program as highly informative and responsive to their educational and client support needs. Consultants recognize and appreciate Avaya's ongoing commitment to them."
Michael A. Sawka, President