Future of Healthcare

As healthcare looks to adopt innovative solutions, Avaya has the solutions and expertise to enable you to maximize your operational efficiency and staff productivity. See the future of healthcare and how technology can connect and empower your people so they have access to the right information and resources at the right time.

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What does the future of healthcare look like? It's quickly connecting patients to the right specialist when they need help, no matter their location. It's accessing and capturing patient data on the go to get new cases checked in more efficiently. It's getting patients immediate access to their healthcare services and keeping them informed every step of the journey.

It's arming the care team with the right communication and collaboration tools allowing for faster, more effective decision making. It’s a hospital that knows the location and status of every medical device, care team member and patient, allowing optimal and organized care at every stage of the process.


It's a patient automatically receiving test results through integrated applications. [SOUND] And a care team automatically receiving approvals to discharge patients without any delay.


The future of healthcare is healthcare communication solutions from Avaya. Helping hospitals, care teams and patients transform the entire healthcare experience. What does the future of healthcare look like? It looks a lot like Avaya.