Fraud Detection

See how Avaya OneCloud makes life easier for your customers and employees, creating experiences that your customers remember even in the most stressful times.

Customers appreciate it when you take the time to make their lives easier. Simplifying routine interactions. Taking away the hurdles. Creating an experience that's really seamless. Customers remember. Let's look at a demonstration of how a bank did exactly that by using Avaya OneCloud, an AI powered experience platform. To handle the notifications and processing of a possible fraud situation. Nikki, a customer of Beyond Bank, receives an alert on her phone that there may be fraudulent transactions on her credit card account. The notification goes to Nikki via the bank's mobile app. But Avaya OneCloud cloud also makes it easy to send notifications via SMS, e-mail, or a voice call. Nikki logs in and is quickly authenticated. The fraud notice is responsive. Nikki is given options to review the transactions now or request a callback with a Fraud Specialist at a time that's convenient. Nikki chooses to speak with a fraud specialists now, which brings in Mary from the bank's Fraud department. Mary is all set to go. The fraud inquiry is already on her desktop and she can launch the outbound called to Nikki. When Mary reaches Nikki, she again asks her to authenticate. This also allows Nicki to see that she's on a secure call with an authorized person. She can see Mary's ID. As they review the transactions, Nikki realizes she caused the problem by attempting to purchase over her credit limit. As she's part of the fraud department, Mary can't resolve a credit limit issue, but can transfer Nicki to Thomas in the credit department to take care of it. A large percentage of calls and contact centers are transfers and they typically lose session data as they pass between different systems. Avaya OneCloud is able to preserve and pass the information. Mary, let's Nikki know that all of her information will be visible to Thomas, but that there's no need to reauthenticate Nikki accepts. Thomas is able to see Nicky's interactions, including all of the recent ones involving the possible fraud, the use of the mobile app, the authentication, and with all of the information in hand, Thomas has the authority to increase Nicky's credit limit. Nikki is relieved that there was no fraud and delighted that she has the go ahead to complete her purchase. She makes that clear on the post contact survey, that Avaya OneCloud sends her. And there you have it. A possible fraud situation averted. A real problem with a credit limit addressed. A successful outcome for everyone in a single interaction that stretched easily and seamlessly across multiple departments. All in Avaya OneCloud.