Avaya Cloud Office Demo: Messaging

See how easy it is to engage with colleagues and stay on track throughout your day with Avaya Cloud Office one to one or one to many messaging.

>> Messaging is at the heart of the Avaya Cloud Office experience. It keeps people connected and pulls together a lot of the other communication and collaboration tools you use every day. When you click on the Messaging tab, you'll see all your messages organized for you. Whenever you're using messaging, you can easily attach files, images, assign tasks, set up an event, or make some notes. All of those things are now organized here in the right sidebar. No more searching through your messages or digging through Dropbox to find a specific file. It's all organized. A persistent, continuous record of any collaboration, whether it's one-on-one or a team effort. Here's a quick tip. You can schedule an event from here inside the Messaging tab. This is a great way to keep track of what's happening with individuals, within a team, and even within the company. Just click on "New Event" and enter the details. When this is a part of a team messaging thread, the notice automatically goes to everyone on the team.