Avaya Cloud Office: How Cloud Supports Your Business

Provide an amazing customer experience. Our cloud phone system gives you modern customer-facing features and functions so you can best manage customer inquiries and interactions. See how here.

>> With your communications hosted in the cloud, your people can be working anywhere and get the tools they need to handle any kind of communication. That the same is also true for your business as a whole. For starters, with Avaya cloud office, we you know, have an auto attack.

Attendant to handle calls 24/7. No more losing business because it's after hours.
>> Hello, you've reached KR industries, our offices are closed.
>> You can give your callers the options to route themselves to the right department.
>> Press one for sales, two for service, thre if.
>> Or use an employee directory Three to easily get to a specific person.


>> To reach one of our associates simply spell the last name of the person you're trying to reach.
>> You can play music or Messages On Hold and update them anytime. and customize your call routing, just the way.
>> Where you want. Calls to the sales department might ring each sales rep one by one.

Service calls might ring all phones simultaneously and you decide set up call recording. So you can confirm the details of that latest order. Listen in on sales calls and have supervisors provide advice using the whisper feature and you can make
>> Make any programming changes you need to make from virtually any location.

Your people get the tools they need, and so does your business. Want to learn more? Talk to Avaya. Let us show you what Avaya cloud office can do for you.