Avaya Cloud Office Demo: Calling

Making and receiving calls is a snap with Avaya Cloud Office. See for yourself!

>> Avaya Cloud Office provides everything you need for handling phone calls. You can quickly call someone just by clicking on the phone icon in the upper right and bringing up the dial pad. If you're calling a contact, the information will be populated for you. On the call, you're in control, add someone to the call, put it on hold, transfer it to someone else's extension in your organization. You can also park a call, placing the caller on hold in a designated extension so someone else can pick up that call by dialing that extension. Another great feature is flipping a call. If you're handling a call at your desk and you want to continue on your mobile, just flip it and you're on your way. For incoming calls, you've got the option to respond with a customized voice message. All of your calls are logged in your call history.