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Avaya Wireless Handset 3730
Avaya Wireless Handset 3730
Avaya Wireless Handset 3730
Avaya Wireless Handset 3730
Avaya Wireless Handset 3730

Avaya Wireless Handsets


Efficient and dependable telephony. That’s what you get with the 3730, which features a local phonebook, access to central phonebook, voicemail, and much more. With a 3.5mm headphone jack and a battery that provides 16 hours of talk time, it’s a handset ready to enable mobility and productivity.

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More about Avaya wireless handsets:

Optimize your workforce with a range of advanced wireless devices. Enable employees to stay securely connected and productive, regardless of where they are across the organization.

Secure and reliable wireless coverage.

Deliver highly secure mobile handsets that protect against unauthorized access with support for robust wireless LANs and high-density wireless voice communications.

Simplified implementation, reduced costs.

Implementation and maintenance are kept simple, just as they should be. Experience hassle-free wireless deployment that revolutionizes how you do business.

Improved everything.

Improve employee productivity, customer experiences, and costs. See the direct impact that high-performing mobile handsets can have on efficiency, satisfaction, and customer service.

Full access throughout your building or campus.

Support anytime, anywhere interaction with zero compromise. Empower workers with access to all necessary communications (voice, directories, conferencing, messaging, etc.).

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