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Avaya Conference Phones


Big possibilities in a small package. With the B109 conference phone, you can take personal conferencing with you anywhere. Delivering crystal clear sound and integration with many conferencing applications, it’s perfect for a meeting with a couple colleagues or as an alternative to a headset when you’re on the road.

The Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2020

Communications usage during the pandemic reveals a new and lasting business requirement: You must have a robust and redundant cloud-based and integrated platform that brings together voice, video, messaging, and more. See how Aragon views the latest UCC trends and solutions.

More About Avaya Conference Phones

Provide your teams with a high-level audio-conferencing device that delivers crystal clear sound and expandable capabilities to maximize the impact of every conversation—in the office or on the go.

Easy On-the-Go Conferencing

Let teams communicate on their terms to produce the best outcomes. Personal speakerphones enable employees to conduct meetings from virtually anywhere, be it a huddle room or hotel room.

Clear ROI

Dramatically reduce travel time and expenses without compromising the quality and functionality teams need for effective collaboration.

Strong Environmental Impact

Save money and the environment by minimizing (or eliminating) travel with a highly efficient conferencing solution that increases productivity and creates a greener business footprint.

Flexible, Customizable Device Range

Choose from a range of high-quality, easily expandable conference phones to meet the exact needs of your conferencing environment.

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