The Inova Health System Story

Inova speaks about how technology and their partnership with Avaya has improved their patient experience.

>> [MUSIC] My name's Jim Hennigan with Inova Health System, Manager for IT Voice Communications. Inova Health System is a community-based hospital system in Northern Virginia. We have 1,800 beds, over 16,000 employees, we're non-for-profit and we serve our community. Our focus is completely our patients a 100 percent. Our entire workflow and belief is our patients. We're not out there to make any money, we're out there to serve our community and we find new and innovative ways to serve them. I think what's most important for Inova Health System is that exactly that the patient experience, a consistent good experience with our services and our staff. It is a huge focus, has been for many years and we look continually to improve upon our patient experience. [MUSIC] Inova Health System is looking at new and innovative ways to expand upon the patient experience. We talk about millennials and the way they like to access healthcare. We are moving in that direction to make healthcare more accessible and non-traditional, non-standard ways to access us and our care. Inova is looking to allow all channels of communication to our patients, whether it be WEB chat, video, phone call, in-person, telemedicine. We've expanded to all avenues of communication platform. Inova Health System is seeing technology help us with multiple facets of our business, from appointments, missed schedule, missed cases, patient appointment reminders, things like that that just help keep constant communication with our patients. [MUSIC] We have a wide suite of Avaya products all the way from CM all the way down to IP office. My overall experience with Avaya has been fantastic. I have built great partnerships with folks in many divisions within Avaya. The communication is always open and honest. I think that is the most important for me. You're told something exist, it exists and they can show it to me. But that trust relationship between Avaya and Inova Health System has been tremendous. [MUSIC]