Learn How Three Avaya Healthcare Customers are Using Innovative Technology

Three customers discuss how they use Avaya technology to improve their healthcare operations.

>> My name is Bob Doran. I am the Vice President of Telecommunications for Automated Health Systems. We contract with state governments to assist recipients across those states in choosing health plans. Avaya gives me the ability to build a solution to meet what the states are asking for. When we can provide that and we can demo that to them, they're sold. With us looking at a Cloud-based solution now, that opens the doors for us to do a lot more things. Now, we can promote this, we can sell this to states and say, "Look, we can do this for you." [MUSIC] >> My name is Jim Hennigan with Inova Health System Manager for IT Voice communications. Inova Health System is the largest non-profit community hospital in Northern Virginia with 1,800 bed system. Our focus is completely our patients, a hundred percent. Our entire workflow and belief is our patients. Inova is looking to allow all channels for communication to our patients, whether it'd be web chat, video, phone call, in-person, telemedicine. We've expanded to all assets or avenues of communication platform. [MUSIC] >> My name is Tim Rosner, and I work at Southcoast Health. Southcoast Health is a not-for-profit community health care system. We have 55 remote locations. We have three different hospitals, 450 providers. It's all about the patient experience. As the calls come in, for instance, in through the call center, the patient experience to be able to route a call appropriately the first time right, and to be able to meet and greet and talk to folks, have that human interaction, but also have automation involved provides a good patient experience. [MUSIC] >> Automated health is required to be up and operational 100 percent of the time. All of Automated Health Systems has faith that the Avaya solution will provide that to us. That's so important to state government. >> Southcoast Health is very dependent on uptime capabilities, to be able to have redundancy, and to be able to know that overall infrastructure is in place and operational at all times. There's all kinds of regulations and HIPAA compliance rules that have to be put in place. When you're talking about messaging, they have to be encrypted, and that's something that Southcoast Health is dependent on Avaya to be able to provide those services for us. >> Automated Health Systems has very little time. We have never missed a deadline. That is the experience we need. We need to continue with that, and Avaya has always delivered. >> We're providing a different level of service and an overall different user experience that was not there before. That's where products such as the Avaya platform can help us move forward. It's really more of a strategic relationship. As we move forward, Southcoast Health is in basically a long-term relationship with Avaya. We're talking about technology and the new crowd that's coming in, the younger crowd that expects all of this capability, but yet, the community is 70, 80 years old. We're going through a bridge from the old world to the new world. Without Avaya, it would be a much more difficult road for Southcoast Health to be able to move forward in the technology. >> My overall experience with Avaya has been fantastic. I have built great partnerships with folks in many divisions within Avaya, from our sales rep up to vice president level, and the communication is always open and honest. I think that is the most important for me. That trust relationship between Avaya and Inova Health System has been tremendous. >> Automated Health Systems need support. If something goes wrong, I need somebody to support it immediately. Avaya provided that solution to us. Communication is key. Communication starts by listening. Avaya listens when I talk to them. [MUSIC]