Credit Card Application

See how Avaya OneCloud delivers a completely composable customer experience across various channels that improve customer loyalty and employee retention.

Your customers want to interact with you on their terms, in ways that are convenient for them. Having to repeat basic information over and over, making it hard for them to go for a web search to chatting up or talking with someone. Why put up with that? With Avaya OneCloud and AI powered experience platform, you don't have to. Let's watch a demonstration of a new customer applying for a credit card and see how Avaya OneCloud is changing the game when it comes to delivering the total experience. One that can be composed to be completely seamless for customers and employees alike. Niki was on the market for a new credit card and started researching options on the web, focusing on ones that had attractive interest free options, on balance transfers. Finding what she was looking for at Beyond Bank. Niki was immediately engaged by an interactive virtual assistant, Howard, by Avaya OneCloud. Based on the information Niki provided, the virtual assistant recommended a card and Niki said she was ready to apply. The virtual assistant pass the information on to Tony to guide Nikki through the application process. Tony, who can be anywhere in the contact center, working from home, has access to all the information he needs in the Avaya OneCloud browser-based desktop app. Tony sees the interaction with Niki. It's one of several with Avaya OneCloud, he can handle multiple contacts at the same time. Niki's interaction between the virtual assistant is all captured there. And there's a simple CRM screen pop-up with the information Niki has just provided to the virtual assistant, including her callback number. Using click to call, Tony calls Nicki to complete the application, Avaya OneCloud detects she's on a mobile device. So when Tony sends Niki a link for authentication, it's correctly formatted for mobile. Backend systems verify Nicky's identity and notify Tony that the authentication is successful. Tony sends Niki, the credit card application. Again, the system knows she's on a mobile. All of the information Niki provides is masked, secure and fully compliant with all the relevant regulatory and privacy policies. Tony can jump in and assist at anytime with a digital signature and atop the application is complete and submitted. Moments later, Niki receives a post contact survey. She gives Tony and Beyond Bank high marks. That's it. A completely composable customer experience that started with a web search, involved a virtual assistant, chat authentication, recognition of a mobile device. Elevation to a live agent and ultimately resulted in a completed application, the collection of a secure digital signature and a high rating on the post contact survey. Individual moments shared across a range of channels, all delivered as a seamless, secure experience for Niki and for Tony and for the bank, the addition of a loyal customer and advocates.