Avaya Cloud Office Demo: Meetings Management

With Avaya Cloud Office setting up and joining a meeting is just a few clicks away. We’ll show you how.

>> Avaya Cloud Office makes it easy to manage your meetings. Click on the video icon to see your entire schedule of upcoming meetings. Just click ''Join'' and go right to the meeting or use these icons to start an impromptu meeting, schedule one, or join one that's not on your schedule, but for which you've been provided an access ID. During a meeting, you can invite someone to join by directly calling them or sending them an e-mail, or copying the meeting link. Once you're in the meeting, the tools you need are right here, manage your audio and camera, share your screen, invite someone else to join, see all the current participants, open a chat, record the meeting, access to key settings are right here and when you're done just hang up. Down here on the left is your meeting link that you can instantly copy and send to someone, also you can get an instant read on the quality of the call. Here's a neat tip, if you're in a meeting, but you have to do something else and in effect step away for a moment but now you want to get back in, just click on, ''Return to meeting,'' and you'll go right back there, you don't have to hunt around for the right window or browser tab.