Authentic Avaya

Authentic Avaya

Certified Refurbished Equipment - Voice


Authentic Avaya is the only certified source for refurbished Avaya products, and you should look for the Authentic Avaya logo when making a purchase.


  • We offer an extensive collection of refurbished and certified Avaya products from legacy SPIRIT systems upward to Communication Manager
  • With over 2,500 unique material codes, you are sure to find the product you are looking for
  • One year parts replacement warranty

  • No other secondary source equipment provider can update Avaya equipment with current firmware and/or software updates

  • Refurbished equipment can be included on an existing Avaya maintenance contract and can also be financed through Avaya Financial Services


If any of these scenarios highlight your needs, then Authentic Avaya certified refurbished equipment is right for you:


  • Are you using older equipment and need to add more phones or other components?

  • Is your current system using a phone no longer manufactured or supported?

  • Are you interested in investing in a system and would like to mix and match new phones with certified refurbished?

  • Are you not able to invest in all new phones at the time of new system purchase due to budget constraints?

  • Do you want to limit your impact on the environment by reusing existing equipment?

The Certified Refurbished Equipment offer for voice products are available globally.


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End Customers: Contact your authorized Avaya partner or Authentic Avaya directly at 610-241-1030

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Avaya partners: Contact your Authentic Avaya Account Manager at 610-241-1030 or email for details.


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