Interaction Center

面向Avaya Aura®的多渠道解决方案

Avaya Interaction Center for Customer Experience Management Software


  • 依托 Avaya联络中心技术投资,打造独树一帜、别具特色的客户体验。互动中心(Interaction Center)方便您扩充客户服务,除了语音外,您还能轻松新增电子邮件、web聊天、SMS/文本、社交媒体等渠道。
  • 利用Avaya客户服务软件协助提高多渠道联络中心效率。所有新渠道的管理方式和语音呼叫互动的管理完全一样,通过单一坐席桌面界面即可轻松访问。
  • 我们帮助您随时准备好合适的资源来支持您的客户,确保您的企业能更加高效的处理各种不同类型的客户互动。

• 添加低成本的客户服务渠道


• 达成服务级别目标


• 为客户提供无缝的跨渠道体验


Delivering Tomorrow’s Customer Experience Today Video5:10

Agent Tools to Serve Customers Better

Customer experience management software makes it easy for agents to serve your customers with a single agent desktop that can be used for all channels; voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media. Improve agent productivity with intelligent screen pops to give your agents immediate access to the right scripts, customer information and enterprise applications.

Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in Video1:41

Deliver a Better Online Experience

Use your website as an active connection point into your business. Serve your customers online with live help options including web chat, collaborative browsing, form completion, and scheduled call back. With a web contact strategy you can offload routine inquiries through chat and close out more shopping carts with proactive web customer service. Making your website a channel adds to your end-to-end customer experience.

Universal Call Routing and Call Queuing from Avaya

Use Universal Routing and Queuing for Any Media

Optimize efficiency and first contact resolution by applying segmentation strategies. Route contact types and inquiries to the best available enterprise resource, which may not be a customer service agent. Regardless of the channel, contacts are routed based on business rules that you define. For example, apply different business logic and responses to emails versus real-time interactions (such as voice calls or web chats). Optimize the handling of all contacts to reduce hold times and abandoned callers, and to adhere to service levels.

Avaya Call Management System and Operational Analyst

Analyze Data to Improve Contact Center Performance

Avaya Call Management System and Operational Analyst gives contact center managers and business analysts the ability to examine mission-critical customer data, agent productivity, service levels, and other performance measures across a variety of channels.

Avaya Integrates with Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Administration Applications

Integrate with Existing Applications

Improve service consistency and reduce time to market with pre-built, pre-tested integration to Siebel and many other market leading Customer Relationship Management and enterprise administration applications.

Avaya Interaction Center Provides Effective Workflow Management Across Platforms

Use an Open Solution for Maximum Flexibility

Interaction Center provides an open standards-based architecture and Web services support for seamless systems integration and effective workflow management across different platforms and operating systems.



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