Interaction Center

Avaya Software Delivers Multichannel Customer Service and Support

Diferencie o atendimento ao seu Cliente através de novos canais

  • Invista na tecnologia Avaya Contact Center e diferencie a experiência do seu cliente em relação à concorrência. Com o Interaction Center é fácil expandir o atendimento ao cliente, proporcionando, além do atendimento por voz, outros canais tais como e-mail, bate-papo via Internet, SMS/texto e mídias sociais.
  • Ajude a melhorar a eficiência do seu contact center multicanal, usando o software de atendimento ao cliente Avaya. Gerencie todos os seus novos canais da mesma forma que você controla interações de chamada por voz, por meio de uma única interface de desktop de agente. 
  • Controle todos os tipos de interações de forma mais eficiente, ajudando a garantir que os recursos certos estejam prontamente disponíveis para seus clientes.

Add Lower-Cost Customer Service Channels

Reduce call volume and improve contact center efficiency by moving interactions from live calls to lower-cost channels like email, chat, SMS, and social media. Expanding channel options also gives customer choice in how they connect with you.

Analyze Customer Service Data to Improve Your Contact Center Performance

Use enterprise business rules and customer segmentation data to meet service levels and more effectively handle customer interactions across all your channels.

Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels

Among consumers, 68% say they expect the information they give an organization in one place to be available in another. Now you can personalize your customers’ experiences by sharing details like customer history and screen pop data across contact channels.

Agent Tools to Serve Customers Better

Customer experience management software makes it easy for agents to serve your customers with a single agent desktop that can be used for all channels; voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media. Improve agent productivity with intelligent screen pops to give your agents immediate access to the right scripts, customer information and enterprise applications.


Deliver a Better Online Experience

Use your website as an active connection point into your business. Serve your customers online with live help options including web chat, collaborative browsing, form completion, and scheduled call back. With a web contact strategy you can offload routine inquiries through chat and close out more shopping carts with proactive web customer service. Making your website a channel adds to your end-to-end customer experience.

Universal Call Routing and Call Queuing from Avaya

Use Universal Routing and Queuing for Any Media

Optimize efficiency and first contact resolution by applying segmentation strategies. Route contact types and inquiries to the best available enterprise resource, which may not be a customer service agent. Regardless of the channel, contacts are routed based on business rules that you define. For example, apply different business logic and responses to emails versus real-time interactions (such as voice calls or web chats). Optimize the handling of all contacts to reduce hold times and abandoned callers, and to adhere to service levels.

Avaya Call Management System and Operational Analyst

Analyze Data to Improve Contact Center Performance

Avaya Call Management System and Operational Analyst gives contact center managers and business analysts the ability to examine mission-critical customer data, agent productivity, service levels, and other performance measures across a variety of channels.

Avaya Integrates with Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Administration Applications

Integrate with Existing Applications

Improve service consistency and reduce time to market with pre-built, pre-tested integration to Siebel and many other market leading Customer Relationship Management and enterprise administration applications.

Avaya Interaction Center Provides Effective Workflow Management Across Platforms

Use an Open Solution for Maximum Flexibility

Interaction Center provides an open standards-based architecture and Web services support for seamless systems integration and effective workflow management across different platforms and operating systems.

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