A day in the life of your contact center with Avaya Experience Platform

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Create unforgettable customer experiences.

 Employees engage customers across voice and digital channels, leveraging advanced capabilities delivered through the cloud.
Employees engage customers across voice and digital channels, leveraging advanced capabilities delivered through the cloud.

Businesses face unique challenges when it comes to customer experiences. Customers expect to interact with companies in their own way, in their own time. They want the freedom to call, text or chat without any change to the service they receive.

No matter the size of your customer service team, Avaya Experience Platform is a powerful cloud solution that helps create memorable experiences for today’s customers—and the employees who serve them.

Avaya Experience Platform provides the tools to make every interaction a positive experience for customers and employees alike.

  • Empower employees to provide quality interactions across voice and digital channels—all in a single desktop view.
  • Monitor performance analytics to help employees reach peak performance and provide feedback in real time.
  • Create customer experience superstars by matching employees’ unique skills with customer needs.
  • Leverage the best in contact center AI technology to enhance customer experience, assist agents, and improve operational efficiency.

Connect across all channels.

Lisa is a contact center manager for a real estate firm. Her team helps potential clients find and connect with the right real estate agent to assist in their home search, and answer questions about the home buying journey, including explaining complex mortgage documents.

Recently, clients have been complaining about long hold times and having to repeat the same information. Some clients want other ways to connect with customer service, like social media messaging, chat or email.

Avaya Experience Platform helps Lisa solve these challenges by providing a single desktop view for employees to receive all customer information. Employees serve customers from anywhere, across digital channels, without changing screens.

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Memorable customer experiences

Avaya Experience Platform gives your employees the power to serve customers—and understand their needs from the start.

  • Connect every touchpoint of the customer and employee journey with 360-degree visibility.
  • Gather customer information across departments and serve customers using CRM applications.
  • Empower customers to choose self-service options across multiple channels.

Engaged employee experiences

To deliver the most positive experience possible, employees need the right tools to meet each and every customer request—including having contextual information available.

With Avaya Experience Platform, every employee can have their own AI-powered virtual assistant to deliver real-time information to serve the customer in the moment.

AI and knowledge

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Edgar works in the contact center for an investment firm. He spends his time interacting with potential clients looking to open new accounts, connecting current clients with the firm’s advisors, and answering questions about investment strategies and changes in market conditions.

With continuous changes in the stock market, Edgar needs to have the latest numbers available for every interaction. He also needs quick access to each client’s current portfolio to understand where their investments are and how the market affects their individual accounts.

With artificial intelligence (AI) infused into Avaya Experience Platform, every customer service team member has the right insights and answers, every time.

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Analytics and reporting

Because customer needs and expectations are always changing, contact center employees and managers need up-to-the minute insights at each moment in the customer journey to create meaningful experiences.

Consider Ramona, who is the customer service manager for a local chain of coffee shops. Her employees need information on topics including gift cards, birthday rewards, rewards points, store locations, and ordering online.

Employees need to take customer feedback on in-store experiences, explain how to check balances and re-load gift cards, and even coordinate with stores when local catering is needed for an event. Call volumes and length of calls vary, so Ramona needs to be prepared for anything.

With the built-in analytics of Avaya Experience Platform, you can easily keep a finger on the pulse of your contact center at all times—and quickly adjust to ever changing customer needs.

Built-in reporting in real time

With Avaya Experience Platform, you know exactly what customers and employees need—before they do.

  • Create customer experience superstars with feedback and regular performance management.
  • Forecast and track historical changes in volume and resourcing to ensure you have the right number of employees available.
  • Improve your business with insights to optimize processes and make adjustments as needed.

Using the built-in analytics dashboard, Ramona sees call volumes and employee desktop productivity data in real time. She can adjust the number of available employees to match volumes at a certain time of day or implement new self-service options to offset high call volumes and give customers quick answers. And with feedback on interactions, Ramona has a better idea of training needs that can help employees be more confident and exceed customer expectations.

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Workforce engagement

Happy employees create better customer experiences. By simplifying work, you create better outcomes for your employees and customers. Employee turnover can be costly in terms of onboarding and training, and it can be detrimental to the morale of your current employees. A customer service center is only as good as its employees.

Jake has been experiencing high turnover in the contact center for his outdoor retail company. Employees have cited a lack of flexibility and complicated systems as reasons for leaving. Jake needs to reduce turnover, attract quality employees, and provide exceptional employee experiences.

Employees have all the tools they need to succeed, which keeps them engaged and with the company for the long term.

Avaya Experience Platform

Our advanced AI enabled customer and employee experience solution.

Customers are the lifeline of your business. Avaya Experience Platform makes customer experiences effortless, while keeping employees empowered and motivated to succeed.

Avaya Experience Platform is packaged and priced so you can be up and running quickly with the features and options you need.

Reimagine your contact center with Avaya.
Reimagine your contact center with Avaya.