The Hyper-Transactor

While Financial Insights Asia / Pacific projects an average of 50 transactions / month / customer for an average bank in Asia by 2021, this hyper-transactor will go beyond the average.

Access to innovative digital solutions is a high priority.

Interest Areas

Paintball, Sailing, Taekwondo, Jigsaw Puzzles, Kart Racing.


Jeri is 30 years old. He lives life in the fast lane. He needs everything fast and now. In a day, twenty four hours are too little for him. He wishes he could clone himself to experience more things in life.

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What Jeri Wants

  • Self-Service Banking
  • Hassle-Free Banking
  • Flexible Bill Payment Options
  • Better Offers
  • Fraud Prevention

Innovations That Deliver

  • Digital Wallets and Mobile Banking
  • Digital Receipts
  • Digital Front Office Apps
  • Timely Insights and Alerts
  • Biometrics and Two factor Authentication
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Refocus on Your Customers

The future of customer engagement in the era of digital banking depends on personalisation.

Identify your current and future customers, understand their needs and requirements and know how your financial services organization can cater to their unique demands.

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