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Trade In Trade Up


Authentic Avaya makes it easier financially for you to invest in a new Avaya solution.  Trade In Trade Up is a 'like for like' program, where the number of phones returned equals the number of new Avaya IP phones purchased.   Be it five or 5,000 phones, you can receive a cash rebate allowance when you purchase the equivalent number of replacement phones. 

If you would rather sell back the entire system, look at the Buy Back program.


  • The purchase of a new Avaya solution is required to participate
    • Upon receipt and inventory of the equipment, checks are issued net 60-days post inventory reconciliation
  • Eligible trade in equipment: Avaya/NES, Siemens/Rolm, CISCO and others for consideration
    • Trade-in values are pre-determined
  • Easy, one form process – supported by a dedicated Sales Specialist
    • Authentic Avaya coordinates logistics and pays for shipping (client responsible for de-installation and packing)
    • Trade In Trade Up ensures the proper disposal of used equipment in an environmentally-friendly manner

The Trade In Trade Up offer is available globally.


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