Authentic Avaya

Authentic Avaya

Certified Refurbished Equipment - Networking


Avaya refurbished networking products are tested and upgraded by factory trained technicians, and meet the same stringent performance standards as new Avaya products.  These stringent processes can only be performed by Avaya and its authorized agents; everything else is just used. Authentic Avaya is the only certified source for refurbished Avaya products, and you should look for the Authentic Avaya logo when making a purchase.


  • 'Certified Networking' products carry same warranty as New

  • Refurbished equipment can be included on an existing Avaya maintenance contracts and can also be financed through Avaya Financial Services

  • Ordering ease – simply place RM prefix in front of new product code

  • Quantities of product may be limited and availability is subject to change without notice - always confirm availability prior to placing order

The Certified Refurbished Equipment offer for networking products is available worldwide.


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End Customers: Contact your authorized Avaya partner or Authentic Avaya directly at 610-241-1030

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Avaya partners: Contact your Authentic Avaya Account Manager at 610-241-1030 or email for details.


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