Wen Hua Ju

Research Scientist

My Research

I received my Ph.D. in statistics from Rutgers University in 2000. I joined the Data Analysis Research Department of Avaya Labs in July 2000. My dissertation was about profiling UNIX users and processes with applications to computer intrusion detection. My research interests include data mining, visualization, and statistical computing.


  • Business Advocate (w. Derek Flockhart and Bob Steiner)
  • Policy-Based, Goal-Oriented Routing with Advocate Commitment
  • Engine (ACE)
  • Content Analysis
  • Location Estimation of Wireless Device
  • PAVE: Performance Analysis and Visualization for Enterprise Workflow


W.-H. Ju and Y. Vardi, A Hybrid High-order Markov Chain Model for Computer Intrusion Detection, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Vol. 10, No. 2, 277-295, 2001.

M. Schonlau, W. Dumouchel, W.-H., Ju, A. F. Karr, M. Theus and Y. Vardi, Computer Intrusion: Detecting Masquerades, Statistical Science, Vol.16, No. 1, 58-74, 2001.

D. Madigan, W.-H. Ju, P. Krishnan, and A. S. Krishnakumar, “Location Estimation in Wireless Networks: A Bayesian Approach,” to appear in Statistica Sinica.

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