Our People

At Avaya, our goal is to strengthen our business through our most valued assets— employees.   As our people’s talents grow, so does our company.

With ongoing development initiatives—from online training and tools to special projects and rotational job assignments—we offer our talent the resources to explore every opportunity and to grow.  It’s an approach that encourages successful career development and has full leadership support. Ultimately, we want to help our employees develop and grow.  At Avaya, your career, your future, is what you make it.

Work is great, but so is downtime

We believe life isn't just about work.  That's why we have employee-initiated groups that plan and organize activities at many of our office locations.  In Dalian, our football, badminton, and game clubs give employees a way to meet new colleagues, build team spirit, and get a little exercise.  In Basking Ridge, our corporate factions play softball in the spring and summer every year, participating in light competition between the finance, law, and human resources organizations.  So, whether it’s a talent show in India or our mountain-biking team racing to support a local charity in Denver, we have plenty of ways to ensure that employees make the most of downtime.


We make life easier

Avaya technologies aren’t just for customers – they’re for employees as well. We make full use of our technology to help employees stay on top of their work and personal lives. On the road, but have an urgent email? No need to divert your eyes. Have it read to you with Avaya text-to-speech capabilities. Need to pick up your child from daycare without missing an important call? Transfer your conference call midstream to your cell phone so you can get on the road.

Avaya is a place where our employees are passionate about how they can impact today as well as the future of our company. That’s why they’re Futuremakers.

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