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Video-Enabled Healthcare Solutions [PDF]

Avaya video-enabled solutions allow for the faster roll out of high-quality, video-enabled services with minimal risk and disruption. Avaya solutions can improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience and help healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve profitability.

Patient Interaction Solutions [PDF]

Patient Interaction solutions improve clinical productivity and enhance the patient experience by automating routine processes and expanding patient interaction outside the hospital.

Mobile Care Coordination and Telehealth [PDF]

Avaya Mobile Care Coordination and Teleheath Solutions enable healthcare professionals to be more accessible and responsive. Improving the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, and staff productivity by making healthcare professionals available when offsite or at the hospital

Rauland-Borg Responder 5 - An Integrated Nurse Call System for Hospitals [PDF]

With the Responder 5 Nurse Call System, from Avaya DevConnect partner Rauland-Borg, hospitals can connect patients and staff easily, efficiently and quietly.

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Avaya Fabric Connect: The Right Foundation for the Software-Defined Data Center [PDF]

This paper focuses on a specific real-world use case for SDN - the Software-Defined Data Center. It provides Avaya’s perspective on the characteristics of the Software-Defined Data Center and the value of its Fabric Connect technology as the foundation for this solution.



Healthcare of the Future [5:03]

Quality healthcare in the future will extend beyond the boundaries of the hospital and needs to be tightly focused on the patient experience. This is Avaya’s view of how technology will make that a reality.

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