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Differentiate your K-12 school or college campus with innovative communications and collaboration technology.

  • Meet initiatives for Common Core and ConnectEd with advanced networking platforms that provide broadband connectivity to the classroom and support one-to-one personalized learning and flip learning.

  • Expand distance and mobile learning opportunities with video conferencing and virtual classrooms via mobile devices and computers.

  • Increase faculty and staff productivity with unified communications from any device—for collaboration on and off campus.

  • Improve customer service and keep students, teachers, staff, and parents informed with flexible contact options and intelligent call routing.

  • Enhance security by improving the speed and accuracy of emergency alerts and responses.

1. Video Learning

Reach more students, maximize teaching resources, and create interactive learning experiences with cost-effective HD video conferencing.

2. Mobile Learning

From K-12 through university, today's students and teachers use their mobile devices everywhere. Help them connect with a BYOD-ready school or campus.

3. Campus Safety

Be better prepared for emergencies at school or on campus. Automatically send urgent information via SMS, voice, and email to faculty, staff, students, and parents.

Avaya Video and Mobile Learning Solutions Education
HD Video Conferencing for Students

Deliver a Connected School or Campus Experience to Students and Faculty Anywhere, Anytime

Whether your students and teachers are in the classroom or anywhere in the world, you can create an always-on learning environment. Help them connect and collaborate—and learn and share information interactively via mobile devices and computers—with HD video conferencing, immersive virtual learning environments, cloud-based apps, and mobile learning solutions. Even the youngest students can benefit from a next-gen classroom.

Safety First: When a Crisis Strikes, How—and How Fast—Will Your School or Campus Respond?

Educational institutions must be prepared to handle all kinds of emergencies, from weather-related class cancellations to gun incidents requiring immediate lockdown of your school building or campus. These situations can also lead to spikes in incoming calls. Maintain a safe learning environment and keep everyone informed with communications-enabled school and campus safety solutions, including automatic notifications and E9-1-1 service.

E911 Service for Crisis Situations and Education Facilities
Enhance Customer and Student Services

Enhance Service and Quality with Streamlined Customer and Student Services

Exceptional service means being responsive and resolving inquiries quickly and completely. Enable your contact center to better serve prospective and current students, faculty, parents, and alumni by quickly and accurately routing calls, reducing wait times, and offering multichannel communications such as voice, IM, Web chat, text, email, voicemail, and social media.

Learn About the E-Rate Program

The E-rate program provides $2.25 billion annually to U.S. school districts and public libraries to help fund telecommunications and advanced networking purchases. The discount, which is based on location and poverty level, can range from 20% to 90% of the cost of eligible services. At Avaya, we understand the complexity of the E-rate program and can help you stay on top of it all. Visit the Avaya E-rate Resource Center to learn more about the program and discover the latest updates.

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The E-Rate Program for Funding Telecommunications at Schools
Avaya Technology Partners & Solutions

Discover the Strategic Advantage of Working with Avaya Education Ecosystem Partners

Explore and discover innovative, interoperable education solutions from our ecosystem of Technology Partners focused on delivering to schools and campuses. Get connected with partners to help you with ready-made, interoperability-proven solutions. Integrate to your existing systems or customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Assignment: Create a Connected School or Campus—and Provide Exciting and Engaging Learning Experiences Every Day

Reach more students, help students and faculty connect and collaborate, and differentiate your school with flexible, powerful mobile, video, and contact center solutions.

Video-Enabled Distance Learning

Integrate an immersive HD video learning experience with your unified communications, so you can expand course offerings, enhance the learning experience, and serve more students cost-effectively.

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Unify School and Campus Communications—and Save Money—With Cloud-Based Applications

Relieve budget pressures and demands on IT staff while creating a more collaborative learning environment by integrating campus unified communications applications with the cloud.

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Deliver More Engaging, Interactive, Mobile Learning Experiences with a BYOD-Ready School or Campus

Your students and faculty are BYOD ready now. Transform their personal mobile devices into powerful learning tools with ubiquitous Wi-Fi access supported by Avaya networking solutions.

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Provide Real-Time Communications When Every Second Counts

Outbound communications to your students, families, and staff can range from simple reminders about a school trip to urgent notification of a campus lockdown. Use a single communications solution to distribute any type of notification.

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France: +33 (0)1 40 94 78 00

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