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Les relations clients d'aujourd'hui sont des conversations en cours qui ne s'arrêtent pas à des canaux ou à un moment précis. Appel, vidéo, e-mail, discussion instantanée, social : tout cela dans une solution omnicanal intégrée. Une exécution en toute transparence se retrouve dans un chiffre d'affaires en augmentation et une valeur des clients plus élevée. Nos solutions d'engagement client rendent cela possible.

Communications Unifiées

L'engagement des équipes se produit lorsque tous vos employés peuvent se connecter sans effort entre eux et avec les clients. Lorsque cela fonctionne, vous vous en rendrez compte dans votre culture et votre bilan, et vos clients s'en rendront encore plus vite compte. Les obstacles disparaissent. La productivité croît. Nos solutions d'engagement d'équipe vous emmènent là-bas.



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Based in Gibraltar, ISOLAS has entrusted to Avaya the development of a unified and advanced communication infrastructure that will support the growth in service demand by its clients.

  • Outdated network with inadequate services for a growing organization.
  • High communication costs.
  • Complicated and expensive maintenance.


  Created Value
  • Creation of a highly functional, flexible and scalable collaborative environment.
  • Customer service and solution management are centralized in Gibraltar.
  • Important savings in communications that have made possible the amortization of the facilities in less than a year.

The expansion of the business required cutting-edge technology

A Gibraltar is one of the oldest financial centers in Europe. Its status as a member of the European Union has important advantages when managing and administrating collective investment companies as well as other types of companies, placing it in direct competition with other European financial centers such as London, Dublin, Malta and Luxembourg. Its favorable legislation, a high quality communications infrastructure and the decisive support of its government, among other factors, are turning Gibraltar into a new ideal place for the establishment of e-commerce companies..

ISOLAS is the oldest law firm in Gibraltar and has a long standing experience in company and fund management. Fiduciary Group is ISOLAS's partner, a company providing services to offshore companies and trust services in Gibraltar, London and Zurich since 1982.
The business growth had not gone hand in hand with adequate telecommunications solutions. Each headquarter and office was equipped with an analogical switchboard offering only voice communications. "The equipment that we used did not provide the service required by a growing activity that was expanding geographically and gaining increasingly demanding customers", says Michael Wellstead, technology manager at ISOLAS. "We were not making use of the advantages that IP telephony provides nowadays. Our operational costs were unreasonable and there was much room for improvement in the service that we were offering to our clients."
Together with Avaya's Business Partner, A+ Sistemas en Red y Comunicaciones, ISOLAS conducted a needs assessment and designed a migration plan towards a unified communications model, with the Avaya IP Office Server Edition solution at the core of the structure.
Over 170 extensions, 135 of which are located at Gibraltar central headquarters, are now directly connected and offer users the same services and advantages, irrespective of their location. This improvement meant the total elimination of phone calls between offices and related costs, which has made possible the amortization of the new equipment in less than a year.

“Avaya has provided us with a communications solution that is not only flexible and scalable, but also user-friendly and cost effective, with the tools that we needed, capable of responding to the growth of our activity in any of the offices and countries where we work”.
– Michael Wellstead, ICT Group Manager ISOLAS

A personalized customer service is key to high-quality service

Avaya IP Office offers ISOLAS the possibility of giving priority to customer service, including welcoming customers with personalized messages, which is of the highest importance in such a personal environment like the one surrounding its activity. In addition, it allows for the routing of incoming calls, directing them to the most appropriate person, taking into account the time of the day, the day of the week, the country of origin of the call, etc. "Our customers are always welcomed in their language. If our Zurich offices are closed, the call is received in Gibraltar, where they are transferred to agents with the appropriate knowledge, both technical and linguistic", highlights Wellstead. "We offer an excellent service. From our central headquarters we can take any phone call intended for any of our offices".
ISOLAS has also launched the Avaya one-X Portal solution, an online client for phone, message, conference and mobility services which offers ISOLAS the full capacity of a communications system integrated to the computer of every user and its Outlook application, thus offering an intuitive and powerful tool allowing employees to better connect with their colleagues, either through voice or instant messaging, offering presence status, click to call, etc.
Furthermore, each user can customize his or her extension, so that people can leave messages, redirect calls to another number or team member or to a cell phone, so that customer service never fails. Additionally, calls to employees' cell phones, or between cell phones, or from cell phones to the company's internal extensions are also at no cost, resulting in savings for ISOLAS.
Another functionality that has brought about a significant improvement for ISOLAS is recording. “Given the contractual nature of many conversations we have with customers, the recording functionality is very useful for us”, admits Wellstead.” Lawyers and agents can record phone calls simply by pressing a button on their telephones, and then the recording is sent by email in WAV file format.”
The Avaya IP Office solution is a support tool for ISOLAS and Fiduciary Group's contact center. "We have initially set up the contact center functionality for 10 agents. Now we have a fully scalable, user-friendly and fast solution, capable of responding immediately to the needs of our activity", says Wellstead. "Now we have all the necessary information to provide an appropriate customer and management service, thanks to activity and monitoring reports, which are very diverse, complete and useful. We now are working on the integration of these reports into our CRM, which will represent another step forward in the service that we offer."
The change performed in the voice communication system was accompanied by an update of the database, thanks to the deployment of Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series, which are fully compatible with Avaya IP Office. Designed for small companies and branches, these Ethernet switches are easy to install, handle and use, and they can be installed in open-space environments, outside the wiring box. The switches are connected and they power final users' devices all over the office. They are extremely easy to use thanks to the WEB management system available in new network electronics, and the IP terminals are in operation as soon as they are connected to a network jack.

“I don't think there is a better product in the market than this system. We chose Avaya for its price, its technology, its functioning and its simplicity.”
Michael Wellstead, ICT Group Manager ISOLAS

The best market solution and the best service

“I don't think there is a better product in the market than this system", admits Wellstead. We chose Avaya for its price, its technology, its functioning and its simplicity. Neither users nor technicians have experienced the transition to Avaya technology as a complicated process. The support I have received from A+ and from Avaya has been remarkable, from the first steps until after installation.”
"There is no point of comparison between our previous and current situations: more functions, more integration, a higher quality, significant savings, and all that at a very reasonable cost. The whole network is managed from Gibraltar, which represents additional savings and a greater comfort", concludes Wellstead.

Products & Solutions

  • Avaya One-X Portal
  • Avaya Flare
  • Avaya Contact Recorder
  • Avaya IP Office Server Edition
  • Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones
  • Avaya 1600 Series IP Deskphones
  • Avaya IP Softphones
  • Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 series – PWR+

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ISOLAS is a law firm based in Gibraltar, offering its services to international clients, as their counselor and representative in Gibraltar. Isolas Gibraltar was founded in 1892, and since then the experience and knowledge of our lawyers, as well as a clear communication, have been used to build a solid and long-lasting relationship with each one of our customers. For more information:

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"I don't think there is a better product in the market than this system. We chose Avaya for its price, its technology, its functioning and its simplicity."

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