Randy Hackbarth

Research Scientist

My Research

I coordinate a team dedicated to improving the state of the practice of software development in Avaya with the goal of making software a strategic weapon for Avaya. We accomplish this goal by identifying significant and common Avaya software development problems, making shared solutions available to solve those problems, and creating programs to improve the skills and abilities of the software development community.


Our team conducts goal-oriented assessments upon project request.  Goal-oriented software assessments determine how well a project is achieving the goals it has set for itself.

We established an architecture guided family of iterative development processes, and use this family of processes to support the deployment of iterative development within Avaya.

We established an estimation process based on industry tools and processes for use by Avaya projects.

We analyze Avaya performance in strategic software areas, such as offshore development, estimation and predictability, and configuration management. Our findings identify strengths and issues, and provide recommendations for improvement.

We conduct an annual assessment of Avaya’s strengths and areas for improvement in software development.

We support an annual software symposium series for Avaya software professionals.


Co-authored a report on assessing the state of software in a large enterprise published in the Empirical Software Engineering Journal (2010).

In 2001, co-authored a Bell Labs Technical Journal article on new service opportunities based on the convergence of voice and data traffic on an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Co-authored internal analyses of strategic software practices in Avaya, including offshore development, build management, and predictability.

Lead author of an annual internal assessment of the state of software in Avaya since 2002.


7,107,312: Apparatus and method for use in a data/conference call system for automatically collecting participant information and providing all participants with that information for use in collaboration services.

7299257: Apparatus and method for use in collaboration services.

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