P. (PK) Krishnan

Research Scientist

My Research

I received my PhD in Computer Science from Brown University and my B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. My research interests include the design and implementation of algorithms; IP, wireless and converged networking; mobility; collaboration; and security.

My Projects

My current research explores several issues in collaboration and converged networking.

  • Project Athena deals with making e-conferencing more effective by closely integrating agendas and other information into such conferences and dealing with dynamism efficiently.
  • COSA implements a hybrid-cloud approach where core features are provided on-premises and enhanced features are activated on-demand from the cloud.
  • We are investigating algorithms to detect and optimize bandwidth utilization in video conferences.

Recently, using code analysis, some inspired deductions, and intuition from my prior work, we significantly improved the performance of systems running in virtualized environments, providing a competitive edge to Avaya products.

In my earlier projects, I have looked at virtualization and its impact on real-time traffic, improving reliability and availability for IP telephony over inherently unreliable IP networks, wireless mesh networks targeted at small businesses, location estimation algorithms for indoor wireless networks (esp. 802.11), and the use of expert systems in servicing customers.

Earlier areas of work include: prediction, prefetching and caching, mobile power conservation, network management, security, and wireless.



I have more than 60 published papers; this includes papers in journals (10+) and technical conferences (50+)  (IEEE, ACM, Usenix, etc.). The papers are in the areas of networking, computing systems and computer science.  I have over 25 granted patents and over 25 pending patent applications.

Some of my recent publications include papers on application checkpointing in virtualized environments (IEEE/IFIP DSN Conference 2011), scheduling soft real time tasks in the Xen hypervisor (ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS Conf. on VEE 2010), supporting legacy devices in multihop ad-hoc networks (IEEE Globecom 2008), analytically showing worst-case resiliency of random regular graphs (DISC 2008), and location estimation in indoor wireless networks (Chapter 10 in book ISBN: 978-160566396-8, IEEE Infocom 2005 and 2004).

Many of my publications show up in Google Scholar; e.g., see bit.ly/yFV7b4. For a more authoritative list of publications/patents or copies of papers, please contact me at pk@avaya.com or pkrishnan@ieee.org.

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