Krishna (Kishore) Dhara

Research Scientist

My Research

My primary research focuses on creating end-user communication and collaboration applications/services across a variety of devices/networks.


I am currently working on a context engine that learns from user communication context and enhances end-user unified communication and collaboration experiences; end-user experiences by leveraging the distribution of intelligence to end-points; and advanced communication features/services in SIP networks and Web 2.0.


K. K. Dhara, V. Krishnaswamy, E. Shim, X. Wu. Enhancing Unified Communication Services with Communication Context, To appear in  Journal of Communications - Special Issue on IP Communication Services 2011, (Authors in alphabetical order with equal contribution)

E. Shim, K. K. Dhara, X. Wu, V. Krishnaswamy. Communication Data Based User Activity Recommendations, ACM ICUIMC 2011, Seoul, Korea, February, 2011

V. T. Babu, K. K. Dhara, V. Krishnaswamy.  Augmenting Topic Models with User Relations in Context based Communication Services,  IEEE COMSNETS, Bangalore, Jan 2011.

K. K. Dhara, V. Krishnaswamy, T. Singh.Reconsidering Social Networks for Enterprise Communication Services, IEEE GLOBECOM, Florida, USA, December, 2010.

M. Kolberg, J. F. Buford, K.K. Dhara, V. Krishnaswamy, X. Wu. Feature Interaction Analysis for Collaboration Spaces with Communication Endpoints, Globecom 2010, Miami, Florida, USA, December, 2010. (Authors equally contributed to the work)

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