David Skiba

Senior Research Scientist

My Research

My current and previous work has been in the areas of social media processing, video generation, speech recognition, and dialog systems. I have worked on everything from connecting contact centers with social media to core speech recognition and modeling to video contact center technology and dialog service creation environments. Overall the focus has always been on providing more effective communication tools for people and machines.

At Avaya, I have focused my efforts on social media, speech recognition, Voice XML, and video contact centers. Most recently I have worked on social media mining and analysis systems, which enable contact centers to efficiently process, route, and respond to social media interactions. I have also worked on speech recognition engine implementation and language modeling for a variety of applications. I worked on creating the Voice XML server shipped as a part of our products. My previous video efforts were focused on video enabling the contact center through dynamic video content servers and video application creation tools.


Social Media Manager (SMM) solution scans and processes events from external social media sources. Avaya Social Media Manager gathers potential interactions from social media channels, analyzes interactions using advanced text processing, efficiently and automatically processes social media, and integrates with existing Avaya contact center tools. Social Media Manager alleviates some of the manual tasks leveraging costly human resources for those areas of social media response where human interaction is most effective. Through a system of automated mining, text analysis, and routing social media work items, Social Media Manager will enable users to focus on meaningful social media interactions.

Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR) is a project with the goal of video enabling the contact center. The evolution of user endpoint devices has produced the ability to go beyond a simple voice contact and enable full motion video contact. Video hard phones, internet softphones, and 3G cell phones all make full motion video communications possible today. The value of video with the contact center is not see-you-see-me video. Rather, the value is in delivering video content to enhance the dialog transaction. For automated response applications this means sending text menus as video, sending full motion video clips and images to convey information that is difficult or impossible with voice alone. With live agent interaction video may add additional information like account information, reservation confirmation, or video help instructions.


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8,005,199  Intelligent media stream recovery

7,949,106  Asynchronous event handling for video streams in interactive voice response systems

7,933,836 Proxy-based, transaction authorization system

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7,805,128  Authentication based on future geo-location

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7,610,055  Synchronizing information across telecommunications terminals for multiple users

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7,363,212  Method and apparatus for translating a classification system into a target language

7,346,151  Method and apparatus for validating agreement between textual and spoken representations of words

7,180,991  Dynamic, interactive call notification
7,142,661  Method and apparatus for interactive voice processing with visual monitoring channel

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