Audris Mockus

Research Scientist

My Research

I am interested in inventing ways to describe and understand large, dynamic, and complex systems, such as large software systems. My goal is to find ways to summarize system evolution data, to gain new insights, and to design new analysis methods and tools that would significantly improve the understanding and control of such systems.


Results from analysis of software changes include the ability to determine why the software is changed, how difficult each change is, evaluate the impact of a software tool or process, and predict risk that a change will break existing features. It also allows quantification of key features of a development process including Open Source development process. Details are in the Apache server case study and the scripts used to process Apache and Mozilla change data.

Applications of software change analysis in the context of globally distributed software development lead to quantification of project lead time drivers, tools to reduce dependencies among parts of a product distributed among multiple sites using dependency measures generated by work items, and Expertise Browser - a tool to find domain experts for a set of software artifacts including a demo for Mozilla code (Java 1.2+ plugin required).

Other work includes Live Document web-based visualization and presentation technology to present and explore complex data and global optimization that helps to fit and test models associated with complex systems.

In an earlier work I analyzed spatio-temporal data including estimation of covariance function from aggregates with Layout Analysis and interactive aggregation techniques to display and explore such data.


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