Avaya committed to positively impacting society as a whole and supporting the communities where we are located.

Positive impacts of Avaya products and solutions

Avaya’s core technologies and key services are built around pulling teams together, regardless of location, device or form of communication. As such, we understand that our greatest opportunity to positively impact society and the environment is through our product and solution offerings, which transform the way businesses and organizations operate. From small businesses to government agencies, and non-profits to corporations, the benefits of Avaya technology include:

  •  Increasing productivity – Avaya products and solutions create meaningful collaborations between individuals and teams, helping businesses and organizations be more productive and grow.
  •  Saving time – Real-time communication and remote collaboration accelerates the rate of doing  business by improving response times and enabling easier and faster decision making.
  • Promoting work-life balance – Avaya mobile solutions allow organizations to keep a growing mobile workforce engaged and retain top talent.
  •  Avoiding unnecessary expenses – Avaya solutions allow businesses and organizations to avoid unnecessary travel and business expenses associated with maintaining or providing office space.
  • Optimizing resources – Many Avaya solutions are designed to leverage an organization’s existing hardware and infrastructure, therefore avoiding unnecessary electronic waste and expenses.
  • Reducing energy consumption and impacts on climate change – Avaya products are energy efficient, helping organizations reduce their total cost of ownership. Additionally, using remote collaboration technology to replace employee travel allows businesses and organizations to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with climate change.

Avaya addresses climate change solutions through collaboration technologies 

Case Study: Dallas Technology Firm reduces operation costs and carbon emissions with Avaya IP Office 

Avaya Unified Communications: increase employee productivity and reduce your carbon footprint 

Save time and achieve more work-life balance with Avaya 


Providing equal access to technology for people with   disabilities

Even without laws and regulations protecting their rights, providing people with disabilities “equal access” to technology and information makes good business sense. When you do, a large, loyal, talented labor pool and customer base becomes available.

Avaya offers a large portfolio of telecommunication solutions designed to provide equal access to communications for people with disabilities. These solutions enable a business or organization to offer a wider range of jobs to people who have disabilities, as well as to serve the needs of a wider range of customers. Support for equal access is embedded within many Avaya products for no additional charge or is available from Avaya as a free software download.

For more information click here or contact Dr. Paul R. Michaelis at Phone: #303-538-4101, TTY: #303-538-3740 or



The cornerstone of the Avaya charitable giving program is providing nonprofit organizations with communication solutions that can help them excel and have more impact when serving their clients. For example, we work with selected local, national and international disaster relief agencies to identify communications technology solutions that will improve their responsiveness during an emergency.

We also provide small grants to pre-selected local first responders and entities that are classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code, or serve a charitable purpose and are identified as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or the equivalent of a U.S. tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Please note we do not accept unsolicited proposals.


Avaya employees, like many other individuals, want to share their expertise, talents, and other resources to help make our communities and this world a better place to live and work. At Avaya we support our employees’ desire to engage in community service projects. Through local Employee Activity Councils (EACs) employees can choose to organize and participate in community service projects and events throughout the year.

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