Guía de planificación de comunicaciones de Avaya para trabajar en el hogar

Comprenda cómo es la situación actual de trabajo en el hogar para muchos trabajadores digitales y conozca cómo las soluciones de Avaya pueden ayudar con las herramientas que mejorarán su experiencia de trabajo desde el hogar.

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Can working from home really be as productive as working in the office? It can if you have the right communications tools for your team. This work from home Planning Guide gives you the info you need to keep your employees connected with each other and with your customers. We'll cover seven critical areas, staying connected and in control, getting together and getting work done, being heard and being seen.

And finally, how to capture more value with new packaged offers. Let's start with staying connected. Just because employees are working from their home doesn't mean they can't have the same communications capabilities they use in the office. With Avaya OneCloud, you can extend the digital workplace into the home office, with a powerful set of over 100 calling features.

One touch dialing and directory integration with your contacts at your fingertips. Use the same number whether you're in the office or your home office, easily switch calls between your desktop and mobile phone. And with Avaya OneCloud when your customer service people are working at home, they have what they need to stay connected with your customers.

To bring the office experience and the home office even closer together, get the right desktop top device. Your employees have always used business phones in the office to maximize their communications productivity. Research shows it's still the number one device employees turn to. What you may not realize is that the same phones that you've always associated with the office are also perfect for the home office.

Avaya IP phones deliver the features your people need to be in complete control of their communications. They seamlessly blend with mobile devices and they have WiFi so they can literally go anywhere. With a various plug and play provisioning, your home office workers will have their desk phones up and running in just a few minutes without needing IT help.

To take the home office experience to another level Avaya combined the best of both a desk phone and a screen based smartphone or tablet into Avaya Vantage. Use it for all your calls, but also to update your calendar, get into your next meeting, manage your social networks and so much more.

It's always on. And again with WiFi and Avaya as easy remote setup, it's up and running fast. Home Office communications have never been easier. Working remotely makes participating in online meetings even more important Avaya OneCloud makes meeting entry and participation effortless. Easily join with one touch and enjoy the freedom of using any device, video screen and app sharing, and team chat deliver an immersive experience.

And Avaya accelerates remote teaming by integrating video conferencing into collaborative work streams. Avaya Spaces addresses the challenges of an unpredictable work from anywhere world with continuous multi experience collaboration. It gives your teams everything they need to collaborate in one easy to use app and provides the tools to get every job done quickly and efficiently.

And while you're at it, be sure to equip your teams with the best audio experience. With Avaya IP conference phones, the same audio quality that you get with conference phones back in the office can be yours in the home office. The Avaya B109 goes anywhere you go. It connects to your devices with Bluetooth, it's like having an instant conference room.

The V109 and the larger B129 both use Avaya unique Omnisound technology to always provide that crystal clear audio experience. You can also use your own Bluetooth earbuds, just pair them with your laptop or via device and you're good to go. And don't forget about video. The Avaya Huddle Camera HC020 goes well beyond what you might be used to with consumer webcams.

Simply connected to your laptop USB port and see how easy it is to get professional quality video and sound in one device. Use the remote control to control the view and access the many options. Or let's say you're outfitting a mini home Home Office studio for something like online education, setup the Avaya HC050 camera and you'll be ready.

It fits on any tripod to deliver that same professional video experience. And if managing the connections for so many devices seems overwhelming use the Avaya One Cable Connect Hub. Link up your monitor your laptop and your devices, you only need to connect one cable to your laptop and you're good to go.

That same simplicity is the hallmark of the award winning Avaya Collaboration Unit CU360. Connected to any TV or monitor and you have an instant video conferencing room, answer a meeting with just one click. Get advanced features like speaker tracking, you can use your laptop but you don't have to the CU360 is a complete system.

All the video and audio plus access to all the apps you need. There's a reason it's one of the Product of the year award more than once. Not sure how long your teams will be working remotely worried about making a big upfront investment, no problem. Flexible purchasing options like Avaya device as a service let you replace that investment with small monthly payments.

When combined with the Avaya OneCloud the payments are even smaller. If you don't need the devices after a year, simply return them with no strings attached, or you can upgrade your devices at any time. Take a look at our online catalog at Avaya.com/FindYourFit, and see which devices are right for you.

From the cloud, to the desktop, to everywhere in between when it comes to equipment, your home office workers Avaya has you covered.