Youbiquity Finance 2016 Retail Banking Infographic

Avaya Infographic: Retail Banking Consumer Research


Youbiquity Finance 2016-Retail Banking Research Highlights12:00

Consumers want their banks to make digital self-service easier, using support technologies that build customer confidence and better relationships

In this infographic you will find out:

  • What interactions are failing during digital self-service
  • What interaction channels customers seek beyond the website
  • What speed of service customers expect
  • How better digital relationship can drive customer satisfaction

For nearly five years, Avaya and BT's Youbiquity Finance research has informed the channel strategies of some of the world's leading financial organisation. From phone, email, internet self-service, apps and web-chat, to social media or video conferencing, the Youbiquity Finance research has revealed how consumers’ expectations of financial service providers are changing. Download a summary of the research >

Infographic: Retail banking customers need support for digital self-service - many interactions are failing.

Youbiquity Finance research - Retail Banking

Youbiquity Finance research - how consumers’ expectations of retail banking are changing.

Download the report >
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