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Avaya TV

Wind River Case Study Video

Wind River, the world’s leader of embedded software, has chosen Avaya as their vendor of choice for all of their telecommunications needs. Watch this video to see how they integrated Avaya’s technology into their sales and operations area. The idea of collaboration is instrumental to Wind River realizing their goals and as Avaya works as a key strategic partner, they bring solutions to the table to reach those goals.

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Wind River's been around for about 30 years, we are the world leaders in embedded software. I'm Scott Fenton, I'm chief information officer at Wind River.
>> My name is Michael McCabe and I'm Wind River's vice president of corporate marketing. Wind River serves the aerospace and defense, industrial, and communications industries.

These are industries characterized by very high reliability demands and extremely high performance demands.
>> Reliability, we're having what we call six 9s which 99.9999% of time is very, very critical.
>> Part of that is the trust that we developed with our customers through time through the collaboration that goes into those engagements.


>> Wind River is best known for our flagship real time operating system via Xworks and 401 design went on the Xworks operating system, the Mars Rovers.
>> We have selected Avaya as our vendor of choice for all of our telecommunication needs going forward. We've actually integrated Avaya into our business processes and into our infrastructure, particularly in the sales and the operations area.


>> Wind River is no different from any other highly distributed global technology company. We have teams all over the world collaborating across functional lines to deliver the solutions that our customers depend on.
>> If you stop and think about an inside sales person who's sitting at his desk for eight hours a day calling customers and receiving calls from customers.

The ability to streamline that process has a tremendous benefit in terms of increased productivity, reduced cost, better efficiency in terms of our employees. When we selected the Avaya technology products, the security was critical. And went through an extensive review by our security organization here at Wind River, and obviously passed with flying colors.

It's the whole idea of collaboration, and being able to share ideas, whether it being audio, or video, or some combination thereof, is instrumental in terms of us being able to realize that dream or that goal of instant communication, and having employees actually seem as if they're in the same room together.


>> Deep engagement with our customers and our colleagues is absolutely critical to win over success.
>> The bottom line is, I look at Avaya as a key strategic partner for us. Avaya really understands our business, how we can be successful. And brings solutions to the table that are gonna help us get there.

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