What is IP Office cloud?

A quick overview of what IP Office in the cloud can do for you.

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You're a small or mid-sized business that wants to get the communications and collaboration capabilities to compete with businesses that are much bigger. Well, now you can, with AVAYA IP Office in the cloud. AVAYA took the IP Office platform that hundreds of thousands of growing businesses around the world rely on and cloud enabled it.

Unify all your communications, messaging, mobile phones, and more. Make it easy to collaborate on any device, set up a complete multi-channel contact center that's ready to handle any kind of customer interaction. And because it's cloud based, you can add features and capacity as you need them. And only pay for what you need, with a predictable monthly expense.

Start with as few as 5 users and grow to 3000. Manage it all online, and if a disruption makes the cloud unavailable, Avaya IP Office Cloud uses an unique hybrid solution that instantly fails over to backup capabilities installed at your business. Are you ready for a complete solution for unified communications, collaboration, and customer experience specifically designed for your growing business?

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