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Welcome to Zang Office

Introducing the best phone system for small businesses, all in the cloud.

>> Congratulations on your new business. You've got a great idea. You've got a great team. You've got great passion. You've got lots of time to spend setting up a complicated and expensive phone service.
>> Wait, what?
>> Packed with advanced enterprise features you'll never use.
>> No!
>> And call quality so bad [SOUND] that your customers won't even know what you're selling.

I don't want that.
>> Then how about Zang Office, a cloud based phone service customized to your business needs. Zang Office can be set up in minutes. Select how many users you want, pick a phone number or record your existing number, then say hello to a powerful cloud phone service.


>> Hello.
>> Phones are available but not mandatory, because the Zang Office phone application can work right from your laptop or mobile device. And scalability lets you add users and additional features as your business grows. Easy, reliable, scalable, Zang Office. A great call for your business.

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