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>> Obviously, we are coming [INAUDIBLE] the announcement of Avaya Cloud Office in a completely unprecedented time in our history. The pace of change with the the recent pandemic onset is something that none of us could have predicted. Nor could we have predicted what the outcome would be. The outcome is that essentially, Avaya and many other companies are enabling work from home like never before.

I can tell you personal stories from Avaya and many of our customers that we've worked with in the last couple of weeks. Enabling hundreds of thousands of workers to transition from corporate facilities out to work from home environments. And for that, many of our customers have come to us asking for extensions on their licenses, additional equipment, additional licenses for new employees and contractors.

All to make sure that they can keep their businesses open and alive at this most critical time. Customers, like all of us, have many, many questions of their companies that they do business with. Their partners, their healthcare providers, and so on. And extremely important that we can provide an environment for employees to connect to their corporations, and from their corporations to their customers right now.

We have seen an unprecedented amount of traffic in our video conferencing solution, over 500% growth in just the last couple of weeks. Mobile app downloads, over 400% growth. This is something that we're proud of at Avaya, that we're able to support our customers, and that we're at the right place and right time.

Clearly, we wouldn't wish this on anybody that they're in this situation. But certainly, because of the circumstances, we're happy to be part of the solution, at least part of the bridge to get everybody back to normal. But I really do wanna spend today's time talking about our exclusive partnership with RingCentral.

Many of you may have heard the announcement back in October. We certainly took the market and the world, even, by surprise. Anybody who is familiar with the unified communication space never would have predicted that Avaya and RingCentral could find a way to get together in a strategic partnership like this for several reasons.

First of all, most of these types of tie-ups are usually M&A related activity. And with a company like Avaya, with its longstanding customer base and legacy on-premise technologies with its private cloud offerings, has a very different shareholder base and a very different customer base than that of RingCentral, which was a born in the cloud UCaaS provider.

The unique structure of our agreement to the alignment of our CEOs, the equity investment, and everything that was around the structure is truly unique and game-changing in the business. Avaya is coming to this partnership with the largest install base for UC in the world, north of 100 million seats cumulatively sold.

RingCentral is coming with the largest and the fastest growth engine in the UCaaS space. And the two of us together are bringing what is an unbelievable partnership and value proposition to our customers. Many of Avaya's customers have been on systems for many, many years, on-premise based systems, PBXs that are on-site.

They have a brand and a solution that have worked very well for their business. Some people have had these systems in place for 10 to 20 years, and never felt a reason to upgrade. The cloud providers have been at the game trying to find the parts of the market that want to convert to cloud, and offering them a fully integrated suite.

Certainly very interesting, but that represents risk for a customer to change their environment. And when you now have any customer who has gone from premise to cloud essentially had to change vendors, and in many cases had to change partners, and that risk means uncertainty to the business. So not just from the IT department that are responsible for maintaining the unified communications solution.

But also for the individual contributors in an organization that have to change the way that they answer calls, route calls. That drives customer experience. And so for them to be disrupted in their job certainly can cause some issues and unwanted disruption and unwanted risk in a business. Your net promoter score can go down, your Yelp rating can go down.

Any of those things can be unintended consequences of mishandling a unified communication upgrade. So when we come to the market with Avaya Cloud Office, we're taking one of the best UCaaS solutions in the market, probably the best rated by Gartner Magic Quadrant. Putting the Avaya layer around it, and bringing together a joint solution that really is game-changing.

And I'll walk you through a little bit about how this came to be, and what to expect in the coming weeks and months. But I can tell you that the market, our partners, our customers, and both of our companies are extremely excited about what we come. So we talked a little bit before about the UCaaS being the leading cloud platform when working with RingCentral, and Avaya having an incredible install base.

Well, our install base, particularly when we think about our well-known IP office installed base, it's a very stable install base. And people are comfortable with the equipment and the way that their systems worked before. Making it easy for them to move to the cloud, so that the devices work the same way they worked before.

And being able to have new capabilities that they never had before around being able to do messages, meetings, and calls. If you think about this for a minute, SMBs and mid-market companies are often colocated in the same facility. So when they have to have a meeting, they walk down the hall, they go down to the next desk, they walk over to their next apartment, and they can get something done.

Now that the whole workforce has essentially gone home, if they have that capability, they never realized what the value of having a soft client was. They didn't realize how important it was to be able to have your business phone forwarded to your mobile phone. Or to be able to continue a phone from your desktop to your mobile device, as your environment might change throughout the day.

Or to be able to do video meetings when, again, you could just walk down the hall to the next person. Now, having that all in a single integrated platform is really changing business process. This is a very real example of digital transformation that so many people have talked about and said, oh, this doesn't apply to me, this only applies to the big companies and the big enterprises.

Now it applies to every single business. And unified communications, an entire suite of solutions that are integrated, make this very possible. The learning curve is very short, the adoption curve is very fast. And our customers and those SMBs and mid-market organizations are gonna get very used to this style of working very quickly, and become dependent on it forever.

Work will probably never be exactly the same as it was before this pandemic set in. And we're very happy to be part of the solution. We talked about the all in one app, so you'll find upon release in the next few days, the mobile app will be available to download underneath the Avaya store, in the App Store, and in Google Play.

The app is a fully integrated app, you're able to access your cloud PBX, you'll be able to do your IVRs, appearances, hunt groups, other third-party apps, and using Avaya phones. You'll also be able to fax from the same app. So a fully, fully featured suite, including messaging, SMS and media text, file sharing, task management.

So many capabilities bundled into a single application. Again, things that people used as discrete applications or did manually before are now brought together in one desktop, one application, one calling system. Many of our customers that we've seen have had an Avaya unified communication system for their premise phone solution.

And then they had some other sort of meeting or collaboration platform. Maybe they experimented with something with Google or Zoom or otherwise. Now they're getting everything all in one application. By the way, it's also priced very competitively as well. And it's a global solution. So, RingCentral certainly has started their go to market in the US.

One of the reasons why they partnered with Avaya is because we are global. Avaya is in over 180 countries today. Our initial release of Avaya Cloud Office comes out available for PBX in 40 plus countries, dial-ins for over 100 countries, international calling plans, everything a company needs to be global.

We will continue to release more countries as we go. But certainly for this initial US release, the number of countries that we can serve with our existing partner network, our existing staff, and the existing solution that we're working with on RingCentral. We're ready to go and take customers global wherever they need to be to manage their business.

And we talked about this being a cloud solution, a public cloud solution. Now, Avaya have a number of cloud solutions in market and we've been, because of our large enterprise install base, we've been very focused and talked a lot about, to date, about our private cloud offerings. Now this gives us a public cloud offering, a very viable public cloud offering.

So we're giving our customers complete optionality, which I'll talk a little bit more about at the close of the presentation. But when you think about a public cloud solution, what are some of the core tenets that you need to be effective? You need a very scalable solution that's got a high reliability and level of service.

You need high quality, right? Network dependency is everything. And you need security, especially in this day and age, with cyber activity being at the highest level ever, especially with cyber attacks and phishing and everything else, security is everything. Nobody wants their enterprise data, or their business data, or confidential data exposed to the cyber thieves.

You want to keep it secure, you want to keep it scalable. And a public cloud solution like Avaya Cloud Office will be the answer to that. There is absolutely got all the right security certifications and protocols in place. It's a proven solution. Avaya, by partnering with RingCentral, we didn't need to build it ground up.

Ring already spent years perfecting this. And now with our partnership and using the Avaya service level to bring it to market, it really becomes the best of both worlds. And we talk a lot about this when we talk about the differentiation. [COUGH] So people will, will ask a question and say, Dennis, tell me about Avaya Cloud Office.

If it's based on RingCentral, what's different about it? What you see here in the graphic is it's really all about the Avaya brand and the Avaya service life. Think about Avaya. Avaya is a very well known and trusted brand, right? With having sold 100 million lines over the last number of years, we clearly have resonated with a number of organizations.

Hundreds of thousands of customers across millions of lines have trusted Avaya with their communications. For us to vouch for this cloud solution means something tremendously. Avaya is responsible for all of the marketing, all of the sales, all of the service, all of the support of this solution. And because this is a public cloud solution, our entire service model is designed around a best of breed digital buyer and digital user journey.

So that we understand exactly how customers want to find the solution, buy the solution, try the solution, deploy the solution and use the solution in a modern cloud environment. In terms of flexible deployment models, rapid implementation, rapid time to value, ease of integration with a host of other applications and third party tools.

And Avaya gets to bring all that to the market. Not only do we get to do it with our brand and our proven track record, we also get to do it with our services, our support, and our partner organization. And that's an incredibly important part of this. Avaya have been in business for many years with our trusted brand.

We certainly know how to support not only [COUGH] the new solution, but if you think about this, what's different about Avaya compared to other cloud providers is that we are responsible for the existing premise solution. We will be responsible for the migration to the new solution and we're responsible for the new resulting solution.

That's a very powerful statement that no other vendor in the market can talk about. We will be the only company that can support from cradle to grave an entire cloud migration. If you did this if Avaya and RingCentral didn't partner and a customer selected RingCentral or one of the other cloud providers, what happens if there's a problem during migration?

You now have to sort between who's problem is it? Is it something that resides with the legacy system, or the new system, or the person doing the migration services? Now with a single vendor and a single throat to choke, Avaya is speaking up and saying, we're responsible. We're recommending the upgrade, we're gonna guide you through the upgrade and ensure that you have a seamless transition experience to the new solution.

That is everything in terms of using our trust that we've built with our customers and our partners to guide them through this process. When we think about the Avaya advantage, and we talked a few times today. I've mentioned the hundred million lines of service. We're extremely proud of that.

It doesn't end there. We believe that we can get so much more. This represents roughly around 20 to 25% total market share. For us to be able to bring a modern UK solution to our install base, we stand behind it. And we certainly welcome customers that wanna make the choice.

Avaya becomes the only company that can offer you a premise solution, a private cloud solution, or a public cloud solution. So in the end, it's really customer's choice about what they believe is the best fit and there are advantages and disadvantages of each. And depending on what's important to the customer, we'll be the solution that we recommend.

So many of our customers have trusted us for premise. Many customers have trusted us for private cloud. And we firmly believe that our public cloud solution, because of the backing of RingCentral, will also be equally as trusted. No other customer can present a hybrid cloud offer to a customer that allows them to have a mix and match of premise, public and private in their environment.

Avaya can support all of those. Not only that, but we've been, as part of a unified communications, we've been in the Gartner Magic Quadrant lead for nine years. That is tremendous staying power. A lot of brands come and go, particularly the technology industry with lots of acquisitions and lots of high flying cloud startups that don't make it.

An awful lot of people will come and go over the course of nine years. One brand has been with you all the time. And our partners have voted too, over 4700 partners in our ecosystem. That is tremendous reach and scale. And by the way, our customers trust these partners for their day to day service and their day to day advice.

And the day to day implementation work that is required to make a unified communication system successful in an organization. Our partner network has been activated enabled for Avaya Cloud Office. And not only that, when we think about where the market goes, we have so many customers in all sides of the spectrum, from SMB to mid market to enterprise.

And our enterprise customers clearly trust us. 90% of the Fortune 100 use Avaya solutions for their unified communications and contact center. And we expect that, for certain portions of their business as they decide to bring elements of it to the cloud, that they'll trust the Avaya Cloud Office to be part of that solution.

So again, that they have their core enterprise on prem or in a private cloud, hooked into their public cloud solution for the edge of their network or for a division that they've recently acquired. So we see an incredible advantage for customers to leverage Avaya in all of our strengths, whether it's premise, cloud, or hybrid.

So we're excited. It's been, for the last five and a half months, since we announced the close of the transaction at the end of October up through March 31, both the Avaya team And the RingCentral team have been working diligently to bring you Avaya Cloud Office and release it on time.

And that's incredibly important to me to stress, for several reasons. First of all, it's hard enough to launch a new product on your own. It's even harder to launch it with a partner. You're talking about two organizations with two leadership teams and multiple priorities, multiple projects. Both teams put their A team on the ground, and were able to figure out the entire end-to-end customer life cycle for everything from marketing, demand generation, sales, partner service, support, enablement training, etc.

To get a fully branded Avaya experience and launched on time. And even this pandemic that we're facing, nobody could have forecasted this in December or January when we picked the launch dates. But nonetheless, we are not launching it not even one minute later than we originally planned. The teams quickly transitioned to work from home, enabled by the very technologies we're talking about today, and were able to continue to work together and collaborate in order to bring Avaya Cloud Office to life.

So we are super excited about it, I hope you are too. And we really look forward to your continued support. With that, I think we should roll tape.


>> You've seen the future, in fact, it's here now. People working wherever they need to work across different devices, connecting, sharing, engaging. Their success, your success depends on one key thing, and now that's here too. Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral, the breakthrough that takes simple, seamless communications, and puts it in the cloud.

The single app that brings together the tools your people need, and puts them right at their fingertips. Messaging, calling, meeting, collaborating, with enterprise-grade security and reliability. Because it's cloud, it's simple. Put new users online in seconds. Add new features as you need them. Seamlessly handle communications on the fly across all your devices.

Integrate with over 100 business apps. Avaya Cloud Office brings together RingCentral, the leader in cloud-based solutions, with Avaya, the company organizations around the world have always relied on to set the pace in communications. Nothing is more critical to your business than your communications. To put it in the cloud, you need a solution you can trust completely.

That solution just arrived. Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral. Welcome to the future.