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This is Avaya Oceana: Personalized Customer Journey Map

Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison and Avaya VP of Engagement Applications Yogen Patel discuss interactive, intelligent, contextually relevant tools agents and experts need to enable extraordinary customer journeys across all interactions.

>> [SOUND] In those customer journeys, I think one of the most important things is being able to provide the agent with all of the data and all of the details they need about what has been happening with those customers. So that they can provide a better experience and know where they have been no matter what channel they start on.

You can have a customer that will come in on the web and go in a web chat and then they come back later and they decide they want to talk to an agent in a fractured customer journey, that agent won't know what's going on. But in the connected Omni Channel customer journey, all of that should be readily apparent to the agent.

What do you do in regards to providing customer journey mapping and be able to help the agents?
>> In Oceania, there is a capability where all the interaction, history across long-lived sessions, is maintained and managed within a system. When a customer interacts with an agent, the agent is immediately presented a visual view of all the prior interactions and all the context behind those interactions.

Immediately, the agent is able to zoom in on what's the most appropriate treatment or response for that particular need. For example, let's say I'm a customer and I'm on a website and I'm on a particular page looking at the products and offers on that page and initiate chat from that particular web page.

Then when the chat is routed to an agent, the agent is notified immediately that, that customer originated from a particular part of the website and knows that in that point in time the context for that interaction. Now, if I escalate from a web chat into a voice call, I'm routed to a voice agent, may not be the same agent, that particular agent will immediately have the context of all the chat transcript that occurred prior.

Having the full view of what interactions have happened before and having that context allows agents to better tailor the treatments and interaction and make it contextual and intimate and much more relevant versus starting from scratch always.