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This is Avaya Oceana: Empowering Agents with Context

Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison and Avaya VP of Engagement Applications Yogen Patel discuss the importance of context in reducing agent effort to enable extraordinary customer journeys.

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The other thing that we have been seeing when I briefly touched some before like bringing in different data sources like big data is to be able to bring in data that you then can use to populate an agent's screen, reduce their effort. It's like guided assistance, and be able to really allow them to help customers.

Particularly now that we have different tech-savvy millennial consumers who like to self-help and usually the context of by the time they get to an agent's third stop in a journey. So not only understanding where they've been but, being able to empower the agent because now it's usually more complex questions than just something simple that they can get through self-service.


>> Yeah, so what's happening is the simpler interactions are being handled completely in an automated fashion. So organizations are essentially deflecting those interactions by providing all kinds of self-help tools. What's happening is now the interactions that are actually making their way to an agent are the more complex interactions, which means context is critical, which means using context to guide an agent in the best treatment is even more important.

Cuz that helps not only ensure that the end customer's needs are met in a timely manner but improves things like first call resolution. So, as you have automation for simple requests, you need to provide guidance and input to the agent in a proactive manner for the more complex requests that are invariably the majority of inquiries coming into the agent desktop now.

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