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This is Avaya Oceana: Comprehensive Analytics Beyond the Contact Center

Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison and Avaya VP of Engagement Applications Yogen Patel discuss the rise of analytics from outside the contact center, beyond CRM including big data, exploratory, and predictive analytics to enable extraordinary customer journeys.

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And it helps them a lot too. A large part of being able to provide a really good experience is making sure that the agents are happy. A happy agent, happy customer. Being able to I guess we use the term to empower them with data and stuff to be able understand how better to serve the customer and it oftentimes involves bringing in other analytics as well.

One of the big things that we've tracking at Frost and Sullivan is this rise in the use of analytics. Analytics is one of the hot spots, including bringing in not just your CRM data and your regular contact center or call center data, but also data from other sources, sometimes big data.

What kinds of things are you seeing with your analytics? Oceana comes along with an analytics product called Oceana Analytics and I think of all Oceana Analytics is being an infrastructure where we can collect events in data, we can correlate, we can create measures, we can allow agents or agent supervised to run reports and inspect in what we call exploratory analytics and really see what's going on.

Maybe you have a particular interaction, where you can see the origination in the IVR and a selection of particular menu choices other than a particular outcome. You can see and analyze what would be the most best way to deal with that particular interaction in terms of not only the automation on the front end, but the way the agent reacts to it as well.

That's one side of analytics. The other side of analytics is what I would call preemptive or predictive analytics, which is now a priority look at the events that are coming in, analyzes events, makes some decisions to drive a preemptive or practical experience for the end customer. Oceana Analytics along with Oceana provides both exploratory and reporting analytics as well as all the action, predictive, preemptive analytics to the platform as well.