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This is Avaya Oceana: Attribute Matching to Optimize CX

Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison and Avaya VP of Engagement Applications Yogen Patel discuss the importance of matching customers with the best agent based on parameters to optimize resources and to enable extraordinary customer journeys.

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I like what you said about predictive analytics and being able to apply data so that you can better have the agent help customers. Along those lines, being able to not only just predict what's happening but be able to maybe route customers to the right agents that have a better skill set that would match what they need.

Or being able to actively help agents by being able to pop stuff up on their screen that applies that then lessens the load on the agent. Oceania has in it a concept of attribute-based routing, think of attribute-based routing as data driven routing. An incoming interaction will have a set of parameters or attributes associated with it.

Within the system, we can have rules to analyze those parameters and find the best matching resource that can address that customer's needs. For example, I'm a customer and I've got a particular set of profile parameters. I'm a global services customer, and when I come in with that interaction, that parameter can be analyzed in addition to not only using the data that comes in but to be able to make a call out to an external system to retrieve some other piece of data.

All of that data can be combined in optimally matching the end customer to the agent who can best serve the needs of that customer. It's a very powerful concept, you can dynamically update attributes, you can dynamically update attributes of agents, so that you can have additional matched agents become available depending on the incoming requests.

And optimize again, the best resource to meet the need of that incoming interaction, that can best fulfill that need of that interaction.
>> I like that, it really touches on a lot of the themes that we talk about in contact summers like reducing costumer effort, empowering agents and being able to lower effort, but at the end of the day, it's all about providing a better, almost joyous customer experience.

So I like the use of analytics.