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The Self Service Customer Journey Video

Studies continue to show that customers, your consumers, want to serve themselves, and mobile and web are becoming their self-service channels of choice. See how Avaya can help you not only give your consumers options to interact with your organization, but also create a seamless journey that they have come to expect.

>> One of the biggest challenges for organizations is not only providing customers with their communication channel of choice but ensuring that all these channels are linked together, providing the customer with a seamless, integrated journey end to end, irrespective of when and how they choose to interact. Meet Simon.

Simon is a customer with Best Mobile, and has been with them for years. Being a frequent international traveller, Simon likes to keep a close eye on his roaming charges. He's concerned he may exceed his allowance this month, so he calls in to his service provider to get an update on his current usage.

Using available contacts, such as his contact number, Simon receives a personalized greeting.
>> Hello Simon. For identification purposes, please confirm your full name.
>> Using the power of voice biometrics.
>> Simon Jason Pope.
>> The system is able to identify and validate Simon's identity quickly and effectively using his voice print as his password.


>> Thank you Simon.
>> Having determined Simon is using a smartphone, he's asked whether he uses the best mobile application for smartphones.
>> I see you're calling from a smartphone
>> Simon does not currently use the app, but would like to. He is given the option of either continuing his transaction on the bestMobile application, or holding for an agent.


>> Would you like to continue on the bestMobile mobile app?
>> Simon chooses the mobile application. An SMS is sent to Simon's mobile phone, with a link to the mobile application. On opening the app, Simon enters the log in details provided, and is presented with all the phone numbers registered in his name, including his own, his wife's, and their daughter.

Simon selects his phone number for review and is presented with a menu of options. He selects the review usage option.
>> A quick scan of his usage shows that he is near his limit for the month. With another trip planned for the following week, Simon is sure he's going to exceed his monthly usage.

He selects query transactions from the menu options.

>> [MUSIC]

>> Usage limit about to be exceeded this month
>> Given the more complex nature of his query, the system offers Simon the opportunity to receive a call back from a customer service representative. He quickly selects the option to talk to an agent. Using the information gathered to date about Simon and his query, the call back request is routed to the best available agent, Ellen.

Armed with all relevant context, including Simon's account details, transaction history and details of the interaction to date, Ellen is able to pick up the query immediately without requiring Simon to repeat any of the information already provided.
>> Hello Simon. This is Ellen, I see that you're inquiring about your usage this month, and you're concerned that you're going to exceed your limit.

As a long-time customer of ours, I can extend your mobile usage at no additional charge this month.
>> Delighted to be rewarded for his long-term custom, Simon thanks Ellen for her assistance and confirms they found a suitable resolution to his problem. Ellen asked Simon if he'd like to receive regular updates on his usage.

Simon thinks this is an excellent idea and opts in to receive SMS messages at various points in the month. He also opts in to find out more about deals that may better suit his usage history. A couple of days later, Simon receives an SMS informing him of a couple of new frequent traveler packages that may be of interest to him.

Over a coffee break, Simon opens an SMS on his mobile phone that not only reminds him that there are other options available, but also offers assistance in determining which are best suited to his needs.


Having accepted the offer of assistance, a web chat is automatically initiated along with all relevant context on Simon's online activity, an automated web response is provided, giving more information on the data capacity and cost for the different bundles he's considering.


Although Ava the virtual assistant, has managed to address Simon's initial query, Simon has a follow up question about whether he can amend his current payment plan. Given the more complex nature of the query, Ava decides to escalate the conversation to live assistance. A web chart request is automatically routed to the best matched available agent.

In this case, Ellen, along with all relevant context including Simon's details and details of the interaction today. Ellen, who dealt with Simon previously and who has access to all the details of interaction, quickly introduces herself and confirms the nature of the query. To speed up the transaction, she pushes a direct debit mandate page to Simon for him to complete.

She also agrees to co-browse the page with Simon to help him complete the form correctly.


In order to finalize the transaction, Ellen requires proof of identification from Simon. A copy of his driver's license will suffice. And Simon takes a photo from his phone and attaches it to the web chat. With all the necessary information provided, Simon finalizes his order to upgrade to a higher capacity package.

The order is sent directly to Simon's phone, confirming receipt and providing information on the delivery. The next day, Simon receives an SMS informing him the new phone will be delivered at 1:00 PM. As Simon will be out to lunch with clients, he would prefer for the phone to be delivered to the restaurant instead of his office.

Simon elects to reject the proposed delivery location. Using the callback option provided, Simon receives a call from the contact center. [SOUND] Hello, Simon. You've recently been reviewing a mobile phone upgrade with us. Are you calling about this transaction?
>> Yes.
>> As Simon has an active transaction, the system asks if he'd like to hold for Ellen, given she is already up to speed with his order.


>> Would you like us to transfer your call to Ellen who you spoke with yesterday?
>> Delighted at the prospect of hearing Ellen's lovely voice again, Simon quickly accepts.
>> Yes, please.
>> Whilst waiting to transfer, Simon is prompted to provide his email address, thereby completing his contact data to help Best Mobile better serve him in the future.

As a valued costumer, Best Mobile asks Simon if he'll participate in a post call survey to help ensure he's receiving the level of service he expects.
>> To ensure we deliver the best service possible, would you like to participate in a short survey at the end of this call?


>> Given his past interactions with Ellen and her specific knowledge in this area, Simon's delivery change is dealt with swiftly. Ellen happily reschedules the delivery as requested and uses the geolocation data from the phone to update the delivery address to that of the restaurant. On completion of the call, Simon is transferred to an automated survey.

Delighted with the service he's received, he provides favorable feedback, and indicates that he'd be willing to recommend Best Mobile to colleagues and friends. To reward Simon for his loyalty, he receives an SMS offering him a cash back reward for any friend and family referrals, as well as a 50% discount on any accessories he may require for his new device.

The result is a happy customer and higher revenues for Best Mobile. Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions not only offer customers their communication channel of choice, but helps link all these channels together, providing the customer with a seamless, integrated journey end-to-end irrespective of when and how they choose to interact.

Please visit the following site for more information. Avaya Costumer Engagement redefining the digital costumer experience battle ground.

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