The Future of Customer Experience - Retail Digital Consumer

See a glimpse of what a digital customer experience should look like and what is possible today.

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Meet Matt. Matt wants to buy a car. But Matt doesn't wanna deal with a typical car buying experience. Matt is a tech savvy buyer who finds buyacar.com. Matt searches for his perfect car. He finds two dealerships that have a car that's perfect for his outdoor lifestyle. Matt selects the dealership closest to him, and downloads their virtual showroom app.

Using their app, Matt is able to get more detailed information about the car he's interested in. Any questions he has can all be answered without going into the dealership. Matt meets Car-go, a chatbot, who answers all his price, color, and safety questions. Satisfied with the results of his search, Matt is ready to take a test drive.

He sets his appointment for 9:00AM with Derrel. Matt immediately gets a text with his appointment details and relaxes to drink his coffee. Matt realizes he hasn't left himself enough time to get there. Silly Matt. He quickly reschedules by sending Derrel a text. Matt arrives at the dealership and Derrel is already waiting for him with his car for his test drive.

A quick drive, and Matt knows he loves the car, but wants time to decide. An hour later, Matt receives a follow up text from Derrel. Matt decides to buy the car and contacts Derrel by video to close the deal. The price is right, time to figure out financing.

Derrel offers to bring Matt's personal banker, Nikki, into the video. Nikki receives confirmation of Matt's voice authentication and immediately approves the loan and pushes the approval document to Derrel. Deal is done. Matt receives a message that his car is ready. The mobile app provides all of his documents electronically, and has already prescheduled his first service appointment.

That weekend, Matt shares his awesome experience with others. Car-Go appreciates the positive and free press, and retweets with a thank you to come get a car wash. This is just a glimpse of the future of how customers will interact with your business in a smart, digital world. How many customers like Matt do you have?

Are they getting the right experience? With Avaya, you can digitally transform your customer's experience, providing the right solutions in the moment for a proactive, smart customer journey.