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The Future of Customer Experience-Hospitality

See a glimpse of the guest experience in today’s digital world.

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Meet Joe. Joe wants to book a family holiday. But doesn't wanna go through the typical travel agent buying experience. While sitting at the kitchen table with his family, Joe starts browsing family vacations on his iPad. They all agree that a cabin in the mountains would be the perfect family vacation.

Joe sends a social media post. Can anyone recommend a cabin in North Carolina anytime in July or August for a family holiday? Withing a minute, Joe receives a reply from out-and-about resort. Who are running a special on lakefront cabins at the resort location and have availability mid-August. He clicks the link to the out-and-about resort app and enters some information including number of guests and their ages.

Availability confirmed for the party size, Joe is presented with a photo of the resort and a list of its facilities. He clicks on the map icon and sees the resort on a map, along with the travel time and distance from their current location. Interested in looking further, Joe clicks the link to a virtual tour and starts browsing around the result.

The boys love the activities on offer, but Joe needs to confirm a few details. Joe asks for more information. Resorta the resorts chatbot introduces herself and asks how she can assist. Joe asks if the resort provides mobility scooters as grandpa battles with his arthritis these days. Resorta outlines the facilities available for elderly guests and states that a mobility scooter can be provided free of charge given the size of the group.

She also provides a quote the vacation based on the details provided thus far. To clinched the deal resorta suggest a video call with one of the resort guides that provides specifics on the resort facilities. Ellen the resort guy is happy to assist and co browse with Joe pointing out the main highlights of the resort.

She also sends him a link to guest reviews. Loving what they see, Joe books the holiday including a couple of activities for the boys. Ellen pushes the approval documents for Joe to sign, within seconds, Joe receives an SMS and email confirmation with the link to book further executions or to modify the reservation.

In the run up to the vacation, Joe receives regular updates in mobile app, including a kit list for the activities booked, and a restaurant prebooking for their first evening. The big day finally arrives. As they drive through the entrance, Joe gets an SMS asking if he'd like to commence the check-in.

A quick yes, check-in is complete. An e-key is downloaded on his phone together with a map of the resort and parking for their cabin. When they arrive at the cabin, the boys are delighted to see a couple of blue and orange remote control four-wheeler toys. From his social profile, it's clear that Joe is a gator fan.

And grandpa is delighted to see his mobility scooter parked outside. Joe and the boys start to explore their surroundings. As they walk through the resort relevant activities for the family such as bike rentals, boat rentals and kiddie day camp locations are all pointed out in real time on the app.

As they approach the ice cream stand the boys are offered a free ice cream. During those days, Joe shares the awesome experience with others. Out-and-about resort appreciates the positive and free press and retweets with a thank you and and a link to a 20% discount on their next booking.

This is just a glints of how customers will interact with your business in a smart, digital world. How many customers like Joe do you have? Are they getting the right experience? With Avaya, you can digitally transform your customer's experience, providing the right solutions in the moment for a proactive, smart customer journey.
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